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Passive vs. Active Solar in Utah

Utah Residential Solar

Passive solar is the use of different building materials to control the heat from the sun. Passive solar design is when homes use building materials such as insulation and energy-efficient windows to help the home heat and cool itself.  Active solar uses the sun to generate electricity through the help of solar panels. Because of how solar panels […]

2019 Utah Solar Panels Facts

Utah Residential Solar

Utah is a great place to have solar panels, especially in 2019 (before the ITC will be prorated in 2020). This is because there are also several other Utah factors that make solar a good option. What Makes Utah Solar Desirable in 2019 When you look across the valley, solar is popping up everywhere. Many […]

Utah Weather Pattern’s Impact on Solar Energy

Utah Residential Solar

The weather has a lot to do with how a solar array is designed. Here are some ways that solar panels are affected by Utah weather. How Weather Affects Usage Patterns Within the Home Weather impacts both our energy use and our panel productivity. The ironic part is that both are affected in different ways. […]

Utah Residential Solar: Selling Energy Efficient Homes

Utah Residential Solar

When you go to sell your home, what you do with your solar array is a big decision that can have a momentous impact on your savings, sale price, and more in the state of Utah. Keep reading to learn more about Photovoltaics’s place in the sale or refinancing of your home.  The Sale of […]

Utah Residential Solar: What to Expect in 2018

Utah Residential Solar

Calculate Your Solar Savings Setting the expectation for your solar power installation is critical when purchasing solar. When people first look into solar, they often aren’t aware of the process and its timeline. The impact of waiting longer, however, will cut into your ability to save with solar. Going Solar in Utah: What You Need […]

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