Utah Solar Customers During Davis County Power Outage

backup in a power outage

In today’s society power is key to our daily routine. Electricity provides every day convinces; most, however, don’t think about their reliance on electricity until it’s gone. The longer your power is out the more we feel it.

Not having power for a couple minutes is a bit annoying, but an hour or two without electricity can cause havoc. Long outages cause traffic congestion, loss of business profit and medical device failure. And these are only a few of the consequences that come with power discontinuity.

December Davis County Outage

On Monday, December 17th, Davis County experienced a wake-up call. A total of 12,000 people lost power due to substation transmission loss.

Lights in the county went out shortly before noon; for most, the outage lasted over an hour. Residents in Farmington, North Salt Lake and Woods Cross had to make due while Rocky Mountain Power worked on the issue.

Residents and business with solar, however, continued as if nothing had happened. There is no question that solar would have saved many utility customers a frustrating afternoon.

How Solar Makes All the Difference

One of the main selling points for residential solar is its ability to free people from utility dependency. When you install solar panels, you are able to produce your own power during the day.

Solar power allows you to cover your daily energy needs and offset your usage when the sun is down. Solar can also help residents avoid power outages when connected to a form of solar backup.

The Necessity of Solar-backup During Grid-failure

If you don’t have some form of backup, solar on its own will not power your energy needs. Most systems are grid-tied; meaning, the excess power you produce is put on the grid for others to use. This can be very dangerous for line workers.

It is for this reason that inverters are utility interactive; meaning, they will not allow panels to power your home unless it senses that the grid is live. This helps line workers safely fix problems. It, however, defeats the point of producing your own power.

That is why having a form of solar backup is vital to every solar array. Solar backup allows you to redirect your solar power or use power stored before the outage.   

Save Yourself From Stress and Worry with Solar

the best way to avoid the issues that arise with utility outages is to prepare for them. Go Solar Group provides several solar backup options for their customers. You can cover the basics while the sun is out with the secure power supply, or you can choose a higher level of backup storage.

Regardless of what backup option you choose you will not be left in the dark. Take control of your electric use and production by investing in solar for your Utah home.


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