Andrew Morgenegg: Utah Solar Success Story

“I Want the Truth and I Felt Like We Were Really Getting that With Go Solar Group”

“They Coordinated and Scheduled Everything for Us”

“It Wasn’t a Sales Pitch. It Was Giving Us All the Facts We Needed to Make a Good Decision”

Video Transcription

“We had looked for maybe a year before, door-to-door solar salesman came by, roughly a year prior to our actual install. They were offering a ‘lease-your-solar-panels-and-we’ll-own-them’ sales pitch. And we just figured that it wasn’t worth it. So then we started, and it was time to get serious once we replaced our roof.

So we started calling some companies. We talked to another and had a couple that never responded back to us, well actually, they did, about a year later after we had initially spoken to them.

We talked to a neighbor of ours who had gone with Go Solar Group and was really happy with it. We did all our request for bids, we had Go Solar come over, and it was one of the owners who came over with another salesperson. and they gave us all the information we needed.

One of the things we liked about Go Solar was the fact that they just knew the information better. It wasn’t a a sales pitch. It was giving us all the facts we needed to make a good decision. They had the real answers.

So, we got all the information, and we went back, and checked the two companies. We waited to hear back from the other company we were considering, and didn’t hear back, so we made our decision to go with Go Solar Group came out and did the install.

They coordinated and scheduled everything for us. Within a day, they had everything done for us. They had all the solar panels up and installed. They did a great job; no mess afterwards, everything was really smooth and great. The only delay came with the power company, and that was out of their control.

I want the truth, and I felt like we were really getting that with Go Solar Group. They were on time and they did the job very well. The solar panels are there, but you don’t see anything else. They were installed neatly. We had a lot of friends get them and we have a lot of friends looking for solar, so it was kind of nice to say that we did it and we really like it.”

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