Steve Cummings on the Best Solar Company in Utah: Go Solar Group

“I feel they are a company I can lean on and depend on.”

“They are committed to the long-term benefit of the customer.”

“They were always there for me beyond the initial sale of the system.”

Video Transcription

“I grew up in Wyoming originally. I came down from Coverlet, Wyoming. love nature and I love the outdoors. I moved down here to Heber live here, I work locally here in Heber for a local company called Myro.

I was reading the Mother Earth earth News one day and they had a website where it gave a breakdown of how solar panels are affordable now and people should be going for it and jumping on the bandwagon with all the government incentives out there. and they had a website out there of all the local solar installers and who you would need to contact, giving a breakdown of what you need.

I reached out to a few and nobody called back. Nobody cared. I worked for Park City at the time. Every month they have a Lunch ‘n’ Learn and one day it was for solar, which was fun, and they had a real good pitch for it.

It got me thinking about it again and I was sitting at home one day and somebody who moved next to us near our Heber home who had got their solar panels from Go Solar Group was doing an open house for the company so they could explain solar to the neighbors.

One of the Go Solar people knocked on the door and said, ‘Hey, would you like to go to our solar open house down the street?’ And I said, ‘Absolutely!’ I jetted right then and there, and I think I even beat him back to the house.

Battery Backup: One of the Main Intriguers

I guess what intrigued me was that the thing he said is every other solar power system I looked into before, when the grid goes down, so does the solar system installed. You can’t be feeding power onto the lines because of the electricians, but he said Go Solar uses a system where you can switch through the breaker box can dump all the power into an electrical outlet and remove your home from the grid so to speak (battery backup)

So I said, yeah come on over and give us an estimation and we went through it a month later and we were really excited to get it going. It was mid-winter when we got it fully up and running. They did all the estimations and everything and I think it was the first week in February when they began digging the snow off our roof to install the system.

They were very friendly and easy to work with, and the receptionist is always happy; it didn’t seem like they were a part of some distant corporation.

The Full-Service Team that was with Steve All the Way, No Matter What

We were gonna sell our home, so what were we to do with the expensive paneling on the roof, keep paying for it for 12 years? Or do we just leave it for the person buying the home? we didn’t know what to do because they person buying would have to pay cash for the system and nobody’s going to do that. I called Go Solar Group and they had a solution for us.

I am really thrilled that they acted like I mattered and were still there for me, treating me like a long-term customer; they were always there for me they weren’t just there for the initial sale of the system, proving they are in it for the long haul.

The solution to our problem was simple for Go Solar to figure out, they just moved the system for us for $45 bucks per panel to my new home. Awesome! This means that for $1,000, I protected a $35,000 investment.

The other good thing is when we get to the new house we had to do a new type of install because of the differences in our roof, which Go Solar Group was smart enough to realize. They sent their engineer out, and they treated me like I mattered. They sent their engineers out and installed a ground mount. are going to install a ground mount. They are committed to the long-term benefit, or investment of their customer.

I feel they are a company I can lean on and depend on. I’ll be going with them for the next 10-15-20 years with my solar issues and updates and modernization of the system as time progresses. I really like that I feel they’re a company I can lean on and depend on.”

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