Utah Residential Solar: What to Expect in 2018

Utah Residential Solar
Utah residential solar in 2018: what you should know

Setting the expectation for your solar power installation is critical when purchasing solar. When people first look into solar, they often aren’t aware of the process and its timeline. The impact of waiting longer, however, will cut into your ability to save with solar.

Going Solar in Utah: What You Need Before Your Residential Solar Install

Before installation, the solar company needs to determine the size of the system you need. The easiest way to find the size of system you will need is to request a free solar quote.

Getting a Free In-person Quote

When you get a quote, the solar company estimates the size of the system your home requires. The size of the system will vary a little bit depending on the quality of the panels you’re considering.

Go Solar Group uses top-of-the-line German-engineered solar panels. These panels reduce the cost of the system because of the efficiency they provide.

When you set up your free quote, it will entail a 15-minute phone call. In this phone call, the solar company gathers information for your solar assessment.

After gathering needed information they will set a time for your appointment. In this meeting, they will inform you about their company and your proposal details.

What to Expect From a Solar Quote

Be sure to listen for a unique value proposition that’s relevant to you. If this isn’t addressed in the assessment, that’s a red flag.

Your solar quote should include the number of panels, financing options, and cost. Installation is often included in this price.

It is good to meet in-person and get a feel for the type of company that you are working with. You will want to make sure that you go over the things you find important when you meet with the solar consultant.

Solar consultations should be educational. It’s okay if you don’t know everything there is to know about solar. The solar consultant’s job is to pick up where your knowledge leaves off.

Pre-solar Power Installation Check

Once you have decided on a solar company, they will prep you for install. This means getting a site survey, acquiring permits, and completing paperwork.

If you go through a full-service solar company, you don’t need to worry about this process. The solar company will do all the behind-the-scenes prep and let you know if they need anything. Speed-to-install depends on paperwork, power company processes, and your jurisdiction’s processing timeline.

Utah Residential Solar Installation in 2018

Once all the paperwork gets submitted it’s time for the installation of your system. Installation shouldn’t take long. Go Solar Group can do an install within 1 work day or less depending on weather conditions.

Cons of Getting a Contracted Installer

Make sure you have a contact number for who is doing your solar install before you decide. This will help you know the quality of work to expect and who to contact in each of the company’s departments if future issues arise. Many solar companies contract their installers. This makes it hard to gauge the type of service you are going to get from the solar company.

Whenever possible, go with a solar provider with an in-house installation team. Your customer experience will be far better if you do because the full-service solar company has a financial incentive to ensure you have a quality experience with your installed system. On the other hand, a contractor is simply paid to install the panels, and follow-up service is oftentimes neglected under those conditions. Go Solar Group completes all its own Utah solar installations. 

Go Solar Group Installation Procedure

If you decide to get solar though Go Solar Group, floor coverings are used. There will also be a 15-30 minute power outage while they are installing. Not a terrible thing for an investment that can save you as much as $40,000 over the span of its lifetime. Just be sure to know when the the installation is scheduled so you can plan ahead for a brief lapse in electricity. 

Most installers will require attic access for the installation. 

Post-installation Check

A full-service installer will do a post-installation check. This gives you a chance to ask any questions you have about the installation. It also gives them the opportunity to walk you through the specifics of your system and how it works.

Go Solar Group makes sure that each customer walks through the system with the Team Lead. After the install, the Team Lead will help you learn the specifics of your system.

These specifics include AC and DC disconnects, access points, your net meter, and your utility’s expectations. After your installed, an appointment for your final inspection will be scheduled.

Solar Power in Utah Post-installation

Although solar panels don’t require much maintenance sometimes they do, and this varies from season to season. You will want to find out what warranties are available and what they cover.

Finding a company that will help when problems arise will help you avoid headaches down the road. If you are a preexisting customer, Go Solar Group can add or remove your panels with ease.

Each solar panel and the system itself, if installed by Go Solar Group, has a 25-year warranty, which means that you are covered for that duration of time. However, our systems run efficiently for 40+ years. If there is faulty hardware or software/your panels are damaged, Go Solar Group has your back.

Moving Forward with Your Solar Installer Decision

Making the choice to switch to solar power requires considering all aspects of the company. More choices means a personalized fit specific to your needs.


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