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As of Feb. 1st, 2020, Go Solar Group customers (and non-customers) can earn $500 for each referral they give us who qualifies for installation and is installed by Go Solar Group, and with no limit to the amount of referral cash Go Solar Group customers can earn for referrals they submit. 

Are solar panels worth it in Utah?

We love our customers. That’s why we love working with the friends and family of our customers. The Sun Share Club is an easy way to earn cash rewards every time you refer someone to go solar. After signing-up for this exclusive referral program, you can submit referrals easily and we will follow-up with you every step of the way. You can earn cash rewards for every referral submitted. Now you can find financial benefits beyond tax incentives and solar energy rebates.

The Exclusive Benefit for Go Solar Group Customers

Our Business Goal

Make solar a financial investment that makes sense for everyone

Our Mission

Create an easy way to earn cash rewards for every solar referral

The Result

The Sun Share Club: exclusive customer referral benefit program

  • Refer someone to Go Solar Group
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  • Refer someone to Go Solar Group
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  • What is the Sun Share Club?

    Choosing to go solar is an easy decision once you understand the financial and environmental benefits. Help us share the benefits with others by joining the Sun Share Club! Our exclusive solar referral program is an easy way to earn cash rewards by sharing the benefits of going solar with your neighbors, friends and family! If you are not yet a Go Solar Group customer, either join our SunSplit program with the button above or get a free solar panel quote from us today.

  • How It Works

    Here at Go Solar Group, we’re committed to great product and process and rewarding the important people in our lives. To make sure you get started on the right foot, we’ll send you a welcome packet with great ways to share the benefits of solar online, at home, and at the office.

    To get started: download our free app, read through the welcome material, share with friends and colleagues, submit your referral’s contact information, and watch the rewards roll in!

    Don’t have a smartphone? That’s okay – Use these methods below!

    1. Submit online: https://gosolargroup.com/referral
    2. Call : (801) 683-1322
    3. Reach out to your Go Solar Group Sales Consultant

    Sold referral: Once your referral pays for their solar system, you can expect a check in the mail. See at the bottom of the linked page here the Terms and Conditions.

  • Need Help Referring?

    If you’re wondering how to talk to friends and family members about solar power, start with our guide: the benefits of solar!

  • Things You Should Know

    *You have to be a Go Solar Group customer to earn The Sun Share Customer Referral bonus.

    *If you are not a Go Solar Group customer, you can still earn referral cash with our Sun Split program.

    *There is no limit to the number of referral bonuses you can submit and earn from.

    *The referral bonus is paid for all referred homeowners who become customers (Sun Share) and all non-customers who submit installable referrals who successfully install with Go Solar Group (Sun Split). 

    *By submitting referrals, you indicate your acceptance of Go Solar Group’s Referral Program Agreement, including its Terms and Conditions, and the terms and conditions and Privacy Policy of the Go Solar Group website.

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