How Solar Helps Us and Our Customers Give Back

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1heart1mind’s Current Projects –

A perimeter security fence  to help ensure the children's safety while they're at school.

A pavilion for the children to have a gathering place, somewhere to eat, have school programs, and stay dry during the rainy season.

A soccer field! They absolutely love playing soccer and we can't wait for them to have a flat and safe place to play!

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See how much your solar array could help communities in Africa.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” (Mahatma Gandhi)

1heart1mind Is Go Solar Group’s Why

1heart1mind is our charity extension that is carrying out our dream. A vision of people in extreme poverty having the tools to better themselves.

Our Mission At Go Solar Group

Every organization has a what how and why that motivates them to keep on going. At Go Solar Group we too have these key indicators that we have striven for since our origins.

What We Do

When people ask our employees what they do the basic response is, “I work for a solar company.” This is true Go Solar Group sells and installs solar power.

How We Do it: People, Product, Process

At Go Solar Group the how behind our company is vital to our success. There are three things that get the utmost attention. These include people product and process.

We want our employees and customers to know that they are important to us and that we are here to help them. We Strive to get the best quality product at a price that is affordable for our customers. Last but not least we strive to improve our processes so we can give quality at all levels of our organization.

Why We Keep On Going

The why behind Go Solar Group, however, is what motivates us to keep going. Our why is to make a difference. We strive to not only influence our local communities, but also those abroad.

Go Solar Group’s founders saw solar power as a means to empowerment for the buyer. What started out as a desire to help has become our passion.

Our most recent project was the construction of a school in Uganda. This project has put a roof over the heads of 60 children. But it also is providing solar power, education, and healthcare. Our purpose is giving everyone, including these children, a chance to have the resources needed to live life to the fullest.

Energy Access

We have reached over 5,300 off-grid households with high-quality solar products in Uganda.


Our solar products have increased more than 3 million child-study hours and entrepreneurial activities.


Over 3,932 tons of black carbon emissions averted. We have installed clean water on the property for the children and surrounding community!


Our products used abroad give immediate savings and continued income, ensuring energy independence

We Believe In The True Impact of Solar

Our Impact Since 2009


How It Works

1. You buy a solar array from Go Solar Groupand part of your purchase is used as a micro-loan toward solar product distribution in Uganda.

Go Solar Group CEO, Keven Jensen, with children in Uganda
African family with Give solar light products

2. Go Solar Group forwards loan funds to local microfinance partners who distribute solar product loans to families and individuals in need.

3. Your microloan will fund solar products for:

  • female entrepreneurs
  • elementary schools
  • orphanages
  • families living on less than $1 per day
African woman with solar product
installing solar with us helps educate children overseas

4. Solar power replaces toxic and dangerous kerosene lamps and is sustainable for years.

5. Your microloan is self-sustainable!

Once your loan is paid off, the capital will be recycled for another African in need.

Africans with Give Solar products

Make A Difference

Team with Go Solar Group to make a positive impact on the world

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