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As a certified Tesla Powerwall Installation partner, we know Utah is great for residential solar. One of the best reasons is because arrays are an investment that replaces 25+years of traditional electricity. Additionally, Utah has dollar-to-dollar Federal and state-based tax incentives for homeowners, making solar installation more affordable. The Federal Tax Credit covers up to 30% of the solar array. The state tax credit covers about $1,600 of the system. This is a significant chunk of the total cost of solar that you don't need to worry about. These tax credits won't always be around though. Both federal and state tax credits will be phasing out over the next couple of years. If you want to take advantage of these specific savings you will need to act before the end of 2018.

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Net metering as of right now is the best way for Utah natives to get energy when the sun isn't available. The meter tracks both the energy you put on and take off the grid.Utah's net metering policy allows people to get credited a generous 90% of the retail cost for their residential solar system. These credits get applied toward energy taken off the grid. There is now a fixed rate for pre-2020 solar installations. solar customers that get installed before 2020 now get a fixed rate until 2032.

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