Dave Eckersley Describes His Utah Home’s Solar Experience

“If you’re looking to put solar on your home, I would recommend them because of the way they treated us.”

“The best part was working with the people.”

“They showed us (in contrast to competitors) what I figured would be a much better situation.”

Video Transcription

“I was a firefighter for 27 years in Orem city and my wife worked at IHC for Utah Valley Hospital and is now retired. We started thinking about going solar and noticed our neighbors had solar, so we started asking about the different companies that were doing it and were looking at the jobs that had been done by other companies.”

Why GSG is the Best in Utah Solar Panels

“So we had a couple come talk to us and when Go Solar came, they showed what would, to what I could figure, to be a better situation. A lot of the piping was internal and not external on the house, but it didn’t detract from the way the home looked.

That’s when we decided to go with Go Solar. They gave us a bid and showed us the sketch of how it’d look, and we were quite pleased with that.

When they came in and started the installation, it was fantastic. They were in and out in one day and they didn’t disrupt things; it just went really well.”

The Making of a Memorable solar experience.

“We talked to several companies and looked at the neighbors’ jobs they did. the biggest reason we went with Go Solar is they answered all our questions before they had the install done.

I think the best part was just working with the people. They are great at the office, and they elaborate on things. The sales person that came by was also great, not high pressure, just laid it out and said ‘this is what we’ll do and how we’ll do it’.

They were also very courteous when we had questions. I’ve been very pleased. From my experience with Go Solar, if you are looking to put solar on your home, I would highly recommend them just because of the way they treated us, the job performance, and the way the people are.”

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