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Reaching Carbon Neutrality with Nevada Residential Solar

NV Solar Facts

Those who achieve carbon neutrality either reduce their carbon footprint or offset it with other environmental efforts. Both large corporations and individuals can decrease their carbon footprints.  Reaching Carbon Neutrality in Nevada  Most don’t think about their electricity sources. However, depending on where someone lives, the utility could use different percentages of fossil fuels to […]

Nevada Energy’s Storage Programs

NV Solar Facts

Ever wonder what the big deal behind solar storage is? Nevada is a booming state for solar. The problem is that solar arrays can’t store the power it generates. The ideal solution would be to install battery backup, like the Tesla Powerwall. However, these storage options are expensive. This is why many people have opted […]

Lowering Reno NV Living Costs via Solar

NV Solar Facts

Reno Nevada has a cost of living index score of 116.2, which is well above the national average cost of index living score of 100. Reno’s higher-than-average cost of living index score stems primarily from expensive average home prices and transportation costs. Two factors play a role in these expenses: 1) The seven-hour drive between […]

Nevada’s Salt Solar Project vs. Solar Panels

NV Solar Facts

In the past decade, there have been many new renewable energy innovations. These new ideas have given rise to the emergence of concentrated solar power (CSP). Nevada’s Crescent Dune Solar Energy Project Contrary to popular belief concentrated solar power doesn’t use solar panels. The Crescent Dune CSP generates and stores heat with salt, steam, mirrors […]

Solar Topics Reno Residents Ask About the Most

NV Solar Facts

We provide solar so Reno natives can have freedom, convenience, peace of mind, and additional savings. As a solar company still ingrained in the philanthropic mission upon which we were founded, we are driven to make your life better through solar-powered homes, battery backup, emergency preparedness, and solar plus services. Solar Panel Information for Reno […]

Should I Still Buy Solar in Reno?

NV Solar Facts

Reno is one of the sunniest cities on the planet, making solar an extra profitable investment. However, Reno recently faced a renewable energy challenge when the solar industry suffered a bait-and-switch technique from the NPUC (Nevada Public Utilities Commission). The resulting solar-industry crash made purchasing solar, which is already a big decision, a harder one […]

NV Solar Facts: What Reno Should Know in 2018

NV Solar Facts

The more informed Reno citizens are about NV solar power, the more they stand to benefit from it in 2018. In order to make a sound decision on solar, you need to be aware of where your state stands on the subject, and whether certain regulations will impede or promote your progress as a Reno […]

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