Nevada’s Salt Solar Project vs. Solar Panels

NV Solar Facts
photovoltaics or concentrated solar power in Nevada
In the past decade, there have been many new renewable energy innovations. These new ideas have given rise to the emergence of concentrated solar power (CSP).

Nevada’s Crescent Dune Solar Energy Project

Contrary to popular belief concentrated solar power doesn’t use solar panels. The Crescent Dune CSP generates and stores heat with salt, steam, mirrors and a receiver.
Mirrors on the ground heat up the receiver by redirecting light waves toward it. The heated receiver in-turn heats the salt that is being pumped through it. This melted salt is then pumped into a steam generator which turns a turbine and produces power.
The theory behind this idea is genius, but in practice, it has had some issues. The Crescent Dune plant had a structural issue in its molten salt tank. This caused a leak in 2016 that ultimately shut down the plant until July of 2017.
Their late completion date and then year delay to clean up and fix the leak has set them back but this isn’t everything. This type of power source has also been the cause of bird deaths in California.

Concentrated Solar Power Kills Birds

Because CSP directs sunlight to one central location the receiver is extremely hot. In fact, it is so hot that when birds hit it they die.
The worst part is that birds get killed on a regular basis. The light reflected off the mirrors and emitted onto the receiver attracts birds. And if the light hasn’t attracted them then the insects they eat have been.
Ivanpah, the salt tower CSP in California killed over 6,000 birds in one year. Although they have since implemented bird and insect repellents their effect isn’t certain.

Birds and Solar Panels

Unlike CSP Solar panels don’t get hot enough to harm birds. In fact, they enhance life and take advantage of unused space.

How Solar Panels Work

Solar panels consist of small light-sensitive cells made from a conductive material. These are then encased in glass and metal to protect them from the elements.
Although the cells heat up the light that hits them isn’t concentrated. As a result, the panels don’t heat up enough to harm anything.

What Makes Residential Solar the Better Choice

When you choose to power your home with photovoltaics you get a slew of benefits. You should take into account these factors before determining your power source.

Be in Control

When you purchase solar you gain control of your energy production. This means that you don’t have to worry about charges for the energy you are producing. And with the addition of solar backup, you are able to have control in an outage as well.

Solar Savings

One of the selling points for solar is the financial benefits. You are able to take part in government-funded incentives and ROI savings.
A solar array lasts upwards of 25 years and has minimal upkeep. And if you get your array financed through Go Solar Group’s partner it is typically paid off within 12 to 15 years. This means once you have paid for your array you don’t have to worry about an electric bill for 10 plus years.

Paying it Forward

Because Go Solar Group has a philanthropic background our focus is broader. As a result, a portion of all our installs goes to, 1 Heart 1 Mind, our charity counterpart.
Our charity has funded micro-loans to help people living on less than a dollar a day afford solar. Solar replaces kerosene lamps which are expensive to fuel and decreases health. Providing the means for these individuals to buy and sell solar products has given them the means to enhance their quality of life.
1 Heart 1 Mind has also built a school that houses 60 orphaned children in Uganda. This School has done more than place a roof over their heads though. It also provides basic needs so these children have the best chance to succeed.
Getting solar for your home not only saves you money it also benefits the environment. And through Go Solar Group you are able to help the less fortunate as well.


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