Quiz: Which Sun Goddess Are You?

have fun learning solar power

There is no other object in human history that has been worshiped more than the sun. Discover which sun goddess you’d be if you presided over it.

1. Your friends would most likely describe you as which of the following?

2. When someone questions your authority, how are you most likely to respond?

3. When there's an unexpected problem to solve, how do you go about it?

4. What is the purpose of most of your social actions?

5. Which adjective best describes your dating life when you are single?

6. Which of the following is closest to your favorite accessory?

7. Your dream vacation would most likely involve which of the following?

8. In high school I would've been voted

9. What is your favorite part of the day?

10. If you were the sun, in which cardinal direction would you rise?

11. Which public figure do you most identify with?

Which Solar Deity Are You?

Anyanwu is the sun goddess of the Igbo people of Nigeria. As the sun goddess believed to exist within the sun itself, you are much like Anyanwu in your ability to evoke veneration and praise from others, even from afar and from people who you do not interact with much. Your distance from others makes you mysterious, powerful, and intriguing.

Of all sun goddesses, you most closely resemble Magec. Ethnographers and historians have found this sun goddess to carry with her an array of positive connotations. However, the most common characteristics are "possesses radiance" or "mother of brightness," which also fits your personality. Like Magec, you don't just provide light - you also provide enriched feelings and intangible resources, such as spiritual strength, to others. Of all the sun goddesses and all personality types, both you and Magec have the most warming energies.

As the sun goddess associated with both the sun and the moon, Dahomey and you are similar in your ability to balance the environment of others. You are nurturing and provide others with the nuance of routine that the human condition both craves and necessitates.

Ngai is the Supreme sun goddess of the Kamba and Kikuyu tribes of Kenya. Legend has it this solar deity lives on the holy mountain Kirinyaga (Mount Kenya). Like Ngai, you inspire others to work for you, and you are a leader. Like Ngai, you are the supreme leader of all sun goddesses, and bring out the best in those around you, particularly when you need others to accomplish great tasks, and quickly. According to creation myth, humanity was fashioned by Ngai from a single tree, which split into three pieces.

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