Quiz: Which Greek God Are You?

solar quiz - apollo

Are you a king, warrior, magician, or lover? Four of the mightiest Greek Gods embody each of these personas. Which one are you?

1. Your significant other calls you a lover, not a fighter. Which of the following is your most likely response?


2. Someone you dislike challenges you to a fistfight. How are you most likely to respond?


3. Which movie character do you most identify with?


4. Which of the following do you feel is the most important trait for a man to possess?


5. How frequently do you enjoy the presence of others?


6. Thoughts are best characterized as


7. Which of the following band names best expresses your lifestyle?


8. Which of the following quotes best describes you?


9. If you were a superhero, what would be your most prized superpower?


10. Strength is best characterized as


11. The legacy I leave will be praised for its


Which Greek God Are You?

Congratulations, you are the Greek god of the most worshiped object in human history - the sun. As the brother of moon and dawn, you are an alpha male in shedding light on the situation at hand, all so others can see and understand their surroundings to the same extent as you. A wellspring of optimism and fairness, you are steady and dependable. Your friends trust you more than they trust others, and no matter where you are, you serve as the most powerful force in the situation, even if you are silently affecting a situation. Your only downfall may be not receiving the recognition you deserve, as you are so dependable and steady that people frequently forget to thank you or pay gratitude for your positive impact.

Congratulations, you are Zeus - the arbiter of the skies and the heavens. As thunderous as you are wrathful, your heroism and warrior mentality make you a dependable partner and perfect friend when people you care about are in a bit of a pinch. You can be called on by others as a source of strength in times of need. With heroic intentions and territorial instincts, Your only downfalls are anger and aggression, although these can be viewed as strengths depending on the situation at hand.

Congratulations, you are Apollo, the Renaissance man of all Greek Gods. Your virtuosic talents include the ability to use your intuition to gauge what will happen in the future, an uncanny depth and range of intellectual abilities, and a love of music. Much like Apollo, you are arguably the most 'king-like' of your peers, as you are frequently consulted for advice and insight. Although you enjoy people, you are happiest alone and left in your own thoughts, making you mysterious, stoic, and seemingly unobtainable to potential partners.

Congratulations, you are Eros, the Greek God of love. Of the four male archetypes, the lover is the most understanding, and your chief principles are those of love. Make no mistake about it, though, you know when to be tough. But your motives are pure and your sensitivity gives you a supremely keen awareness of your surroundings and others' emotions, making you a cut above in emotional intelligence when contrasted to the other archetypes and Greek Gods of Helios, Zeus, and Apollo.

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