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Reno PV Energy Storage

Battery Backup

While solar arrays allow homeowners in the Reno area to generate their own power, solar modules alone won’t store it. That’s where battery backup comes into play. Many Nevadans have turned to net metering for their storage needs. However, it isn’t a permanent solution. Nor does it help during a power outage, when self-generated power would […]

Goal Zero Yetis Vs Tesla Powerwalls: Specs and Uses

Battery Backup

Given the way solar panels work, an array won’t produce energy without sunlight, which means it needs a way to store power from excess electricity produced by modules in the daytime. While some solar companies have a home battery option, few companies offer selection of battery backup products to fit a range of solar-powered homeowners’ needs. […]

The Importance of Solar Energy Storage

Battery Backup

Because of the way solar panels work, solar arrays don’t generate continuous power on their own. They do, however, produce enough excess electricity to power a home throughout the year, which is why solar storage is necessary.    When solar first became popular, battery backup hadn’t caught up with their accompanying solar modules in technology and […]

What Car Batteries Can Teach Us About Solar Batteries

Battery Backup

While car and solar batteries are quite different, understanding the distinction between the two can help homeowners understand the details of solar batteries. All batteries have a chemical reaction, which creates an electric current used to power devices. How the electrical current is formed and stored makes a difference in the amount of electricity the […]

Energy Storage for Residential Use

Battery Backup

One of the most common solar storage options is battery backup; despite its commonality, it is oftentimes confused with backup/power supply. All batteries are a form of backup, but not all backup is battery-based. The rule of thumb for remembering the difference is to think of battery backup as a bank into which you deposit […]

A Residential Solar Storage Option

Battery Backup

Oftentimes the terms battery backup and backup are used interchangeably. However, these two terms are not the same. While battery backup is a form of backup, not all backup options are battery backup. Those interested in increasing the potential of their residential solar array may become confused by solar terms that sound the same. Understanding […]

Why Every Solar Home Needs Energy Storage

Battery Backup

Solar ads often portray solar power as the hero during a power outage. However, the truth is a bit more specific: without storage, solar panels aren’t helpful to homeowners in a power outage, so it is storage that is the root of the solution itself. Homes with solar often have net metering. Net metering allows homeowners […]

Our 2019 Yeti 3000 Sweepstakes: Enter for a Chance to Win

Battery Backup

Want a chance at a $3,000 product that not only lets you harness portable solar power for camping and other outdoor activities, but also potentiates residential solar power for the home? If so, you should check out this Sweepstakes. Go Solar Group is having a Yeti 3000 sweepstakes from Sept.18, 2019, to Jan. 3, 2020. […]

Residential Solar: Difference Between Batteries and Generators

Battery Backup

When the grid goes down, generators aren’t always the best way to back up a home’s power supply. Generators have been the go-to for large companies and emergency preparedness gurus for quite some time. This is because generators have an initial low cost.  This, however, is where the draw for generators stops. Let’s take a […]

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