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Want a chance at a $3,000 product that not only lets you harness portable solar power for camping and other outdoor activities, but also potentiates residential solar power for the home?

If so, you should check out this Sweepstakes.

Go Solar Group is having a Yeti 3000 sweepstakes from Sept.18, 2019, to Jan. 3, 2020. As stated in the 2019 Yeti 3000 Sweepstakes Official Rules, no purchase is necessary to enter or win. Purchasing products also won’t impact the sweepstakes results.

This sweepstakes is best for those interested in residential solar. However, those not interested in residential solar can still enter.

Benefits of the Yeti 3000

Understanding the benefits of the Yeti 3000 helps sweeten the deal for the winner. The Yeti 3000 is a great product for a wide range of people. One of the reasons Go Solar Group offers this battery backup as an option is its flexibility.

The Yeti 3000 can meet the basic needs of a home or used as a base for homes with additional power needs. It can also charge items when away from home.

 The Yeti 3000 and Portable Power

The selling points for this battery is its mobility and charging options. Although it won’t keep an entire home running, like a Tesla Powerwall, it can move with ease.

The Yeti 3000 is great for charging essentials during an outage. However, it also works for camping, boondocking, tailgating and charging power tools.

Great in Conjunction With Solar for the Home

This battery can power home essentials for several hours. With the Home Integration Kit add-on, this battery can provide power for up to 3 circuits in the home. Allowing a home to still function on a rudimentary level during an outage.

This battery backup option is great no matter what energy source the customer uses. However, for those with a residential solar array, the Yeti 3000 is even more beneficial.

This is because homes with solar produce excess power during the day. Homes with traditional power, however, only draw power. The solar customer didn’t have to pay anything extra to charge their Yeti 3000.

Why Solar Homes Need Battery Backup

Solar arrays don’t produce power when the sun isn’t out. To compensate for this, installers design them to produce excess power during the day.

Excess solar power goes onto the grid, which gets credited to the customer’s utility bill. Solar credits reduce or eliminate charges from the utility for power pulled off the grid.

Because solar homes connect to the grid, solar arrays can’t be on during an outage. Battery backup, however, isn’t connected to the grid and therefore can be on at any time.

Large battery backup systems, known as home battery backup, can be expensive. Which is why Go Solar Group has three levels of battery backup for their solar customers to choose from.

Increased Benefits With the Solar Federal Tax Credit

Another reason why the Yeti-3000 is a great energy storage option is the Investment Tax Credit. This tax credit is for renewable energy options. However, Energy storage, purchased with solar or in addition to an already existing solar array, can also qualify for the ITC.

Although the ITC won’t affect the winner of this sweepstake, it is still important.

For those wanting to take advantage of this tax credit, it will be in their best interest to purchase solar now. This is because the ITC is set to phase down after 2019. Depending on the size of the system, this could be the difference of thousands of dollars.

Taking a Look at the Prize: The Yeti 3000

Winning the Yeti 3000 is quite a valuable prize. Goal Zero’s Yeti 3000 is worth $2,999.95. This prize is worth this much because of what it is. The Yeti 3000 is a rechargeable battery. This battery is included in several battery backup options Go Solar Group offers.

Battery backup is good to have on hand; versatile battery backup is even better. The Yeti 3000 appeals to a wide variety of people because of its many applications.

Goal Zero’s Yeti 3000 Specs

The Yeti 3000 is a 3075Wh (3 kWh) lithium-ion battery. This is equivalent to running a 2790-watt clothes dryer for 1 hour or a 225-watt fridge for 13 hours. Lithium-ion batteries have long life spans, large storage capacity and are lightweight.

However, unlike other lithium-ion batteries, the Yeti 3000 is a multi-purpose portable battery. This battery comes with 10 ports so different devices can charge from it. It also comes with a wheeled cart so the battery can move with ease.

A phone app can monitor and control the Yeti. It also comes with a maximum power point tracker, which allows the battery to charge up to 40 percent faster.

To charge this battery it takes about 25 hours with the included wall chargers. It takes about 10 hours with a 25-amp fast charging cable. If a Goal Zero’s 200-watt portable solar panel is used, it takes between 18-36 hours to charge.

This battery also has a long shelf life. The Yeti 3000 will keep its charge for 3 to 6 months. It is also tested to reach 80 percent capacity in the first 500 discharge-charge cycles.

How to Enter the Solar Generator Sweepstakes

To enter the sweepstakes, participants need to meet specific criteria. All entered participants must be at least 18-years old and homeowners. Qualified participants also need to live within 60 miles of one of Go Solar Group’s three offices. These offices are in Murray, Utah; San Antonio, Texas; and Sparks, Nevada. However, some cities/zip codes within the 60-mile radius of each of our 3 current locations don’t qualify for this sweepstakes.

Entering with a Region-specific Solar Quote

The best way to enter is by filling out a solar quote request. Only one entry per household will enter the sweepstakes. Every qualified request has an equal chance to win. Each solar quote request is treated as a genuinely interested party.

Agreeing to obtain a free no-obligation quote will not impact the odds of winning. However, for those interested in solar, comparing quotes is the first step in the solar process. Getting a home solar quote and having residential solar installed can increase the value you get out of a portable solar generator like the Yeti 3000.

To learn more, simply click one of the links below based on which of the below markets you reside in.

Alternative Entry Method

Another way to enter the sweepstakes is through the mail. All mail-in entries need to be postmarked before Jan. 3, 2020 and received by Jan. 10, 2020. The sweepstakes’ official rules have information about additional requirements for this entry method.


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