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San Antonio commercial solar backup

SEIA solar industry research data has shown that commercial solar prices have fallen by 58 percent since 2012 and by 16 percent within the last year. These price decreases have encouraged businesses to get solar.

Many are taking advantage of the price decrease of solar. Few, however, are aware that they are missing out on the full benefits of solar. This realization comes when your solar array is connected to some form of backup.

Recouping Inventory Costs After An Outage With Solar Backup

In an azcenteral article, inventory was among the top five business expenses.  Solar can help you save money on your power bills and getting backup can save your inventory in a power outage.

No Spoiled Food With Backup

For businesses such as restaurants, the use of backup is obvious. A refrigerator can keep food cold for a couple of hours, but not if you are using it.

Keep Your Medical Supplies Ready For Use No Matter What

Businesses in the medical field have an array of supplies used. Not keeping medical supplies at a certain temperature can completely ruin their effectiveness.

Solar Backup Allows You To Be In Control

Because of the cost of battery backup, many have opted into staying connected to the grid. This means that when the sun isn’t out you still get your power from the utility.

Not having any backup storage gives the utility some power over you. They determine the rate they are willing to pay for your excess solar production.

Most of the time your production is set at a lower price per watt than the power you pull off the grid (usage). Meaning that when you need to pull power from the grid your excess power doesn’t cover it watt for watt.

To avoid extra cost systems get sized to account for night time usage. If you have backup storage, however, your excess generation won’t get undervalued. And with Go Solar Group you are able to choose the level of backup that will meet your needs.

Weigh Your Solar Backup Options

Go Solar Group saw from the beginning the importance of solar storage and, therefore, specializes in solar backup options.  We offer four levels of backup to our customers. 

Get A Portable Backup Generator For Use In An Outage

Go Solar Group sales backup generators, the Yeti, by Goal Zero. These generators can produce up to 3,000 watts of electricity. In an emergency, these are a good battery backup option. 

Increase Emergancy Battery Backup Capacity

Everyone has different energy needs, which is why Go Solar Group offers battery extention packs, Tanks. These are lead-acid batteries that can connect to the Yeti to provide more energy storage.

Complete Your Solar Array With A Tesla Powerwall

Home batteries has proven to be the best battery backup option. Although the Powerwall is expensive, it is also the best battery currently on the market.

You can get one Powerwall and supply power in an emergency. Or you can get enough Powerwalls to cover your normal usage.

If you would like to know more about your options you can fill out our Texas commercial solar form. We will then contact you to make sure solar is a good fit and set up your free no obligation consultation.


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