How Utah Solar Installs Are Changing in 2018 and Beyond

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Utah solar installs - how they're changing

Utah is seeing changes that will affect how solar installations proceed. With each era and epoch of energy evolution, there are imperative changes taking place. As a sub-component of renewable energy, solar has been popularized. in the Beehive State. 

Many people go out of their way to purchase products that are deemed environmentally safe.  As time progresses both baby boomers and the millennial generation are becoming more environmentally conscious. In 2015, Nielsen Reported that 66% of consumers were willing to pay more for sustainable products.

Utah Infrastructure, and the Effect It’ll Have on Solar

Utah has seen a shift in mindset among its citizenry, one which has warranted significant improvements to urban infrastructure via solar energy and power resources.

UTA Improvements

Over the past couple of years, UTA has been making efforts to decrease emissions by promoting public transportation. Since 2007 they have started setting goals to decrease particulate matter. They have continued to make improvements by switching their buses to clean diesel, diesel-electric hybrids, and compressed natural gas.

A recent transportation change is the Utah Senate Bill 136, which is now headed to the Governor’s desk for approval. This bill not only changes the name of UTA but also gives $87 million to transportation projects.

Electric Vehicles (EVs)

The Governor’s Office of Energy Development has been trying to increase the infrastructure for electric vehicles in Utah. They are working to make more charging stations available for electric drivers. Salt Lake City has 28 public charging ports, and with more on the way. One day, these charging ports, along with grid parity, may replace coal and nonrenewable energy production methods. In February of 2018, Salt Lake City removed their user fees for these cars to promote electric vehicle use.

With the increase of electric and hybrid vehicles comes the need to fuel them. If you use your local utility to fuel your car, you are taking three steps forward and two steps backward. Getting solar to power your car when you are home allows you to use a power source that will give back to the environment.

Residential Trends, and Their Influence on Solar Installations

Many things have changed in the construction of our homes in the past couple of decades. The U.S. Census Bureau reported that 51% of Americans didn’t have air conditioning in 1973. In 2016, just 43 years later, only 7% of Americans didn’t have air conditioning.

In the same report, it stated that in the past 43 years we have jumped from 44% of homes not having any carports or garages to 10%. Now, most homes have 2 car garages and some even have 3. Although the amount of land that people are building on is smaller, the actual amount of house and electricity they are using isn’t. This means that people are using more electricity than they used to and they have more space upon which to install affordable Utah solar systems. 

The type of home that you have will determine the type of solar array that is best for you. Talking to one of Go Solar Group’s expert solar consultants about your situation will give you all the facts you need to make an informed decision.

Effect of City Metering Policies in Utah

Net metering is still the cheapest way to obtain solar, but price isn’t the only reason to buy solar. For many in Utah, they live in areas that don’t provide viable net metering policies or have limited system sizing. These factors can decrease the amount of money that you are saving.

In fact, it is almost certain you will be paying to have solar if you go solar in any of the cities below. For many, this means solar will not be a good investment as savings is the primary motivator for going solar. However, those who seek energy independence and environmental friendliness at all costs will still retain those benefits by going solar in the below factions of Utah. 

Going forward with solar, however, is not just a monetary decision. As an enduring form of renewable energy, residential solar in Utah is also an environmental and moral cause of the highest order.

Bountiful, Utah

As of June 1, 2017, Bountiful implemented a ‘feed-in-tariff’ system for their solar customers. This system pays less for the customers’ excess solar energy than they owe for usage.

Springville, UT

Springville solar arrays installed after January 1, 2018, are part of Springville customer-owned generation program. Springville city credits customers a flat rate for their excess energy. This rate, like Bountiful power, is lower than what they will owe for the energy they pulled off the grid.

Provo UT Power

Provo Power will pay the wholesale price for excess power. This is currently 4 cents/kWh. You will then pay the retail price for power you take off the grid in your Utah home. That rate is about 10 cents per kWh right now.

There is an incentive from the city council of 2.7 cents per kWh. You then owe 3.3 cents per kWh for energy that you pull off the grid if it was covered by your excess solar energy.

Kaysville, Utah

Kaysville does not credit individuals for their excess energy that is produced from their solar system. This makes it so individuals that have solar systems started owing money for the energy they were pulling off the grid at night.

On June 7, 20,18 the city council approved a change to net metering. This change will allow solar customers to receive compensation for their excess power as long as it isn’t above their yearly consumption. This change will take place on August 1, 2018.

The Power of Solar Backup

Solar backup power is meant to be a freeing tool for individuals that value their independence. Although battery backup is not yet available at a widely affordable price, it will be. At Go Solar Group we want you to have backup options no matter how small your pocketbook may be.

We offer backup that can be used in an emergency when the grid goes down, and Tesla Powerwalls. If you would like to learn more about how solar can benefit you and your Utah family, we can set you up with a free no-obligation appointment.


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