Ways Solar Can Save Homeowners in 2019

Solar panel ROI
ways you save with solar

Solar is a no brainer; photovoltaics help homeowners the community and the world. Here are some of the arguments for solar and why this decision will be one of the best ones you will make.

Monetary Value of Photovoltaics

Often money is what holds us back from our dream home updates, but solar doesn’t have to be on the back burner. In fact, the sooner you get solar the more you will save.

Tax Credits and Incentives

The main reason why getting solar now is such a good idea is the 30 percent federal tax credit currently in place. This credit decreases the price of solar considerably. But this isn’t the only incentive available.

Many states have different renewable energy incentives. These incentives make solar an attractive option for homeowners.

These incentives won’t last forever though. In the next couple of years, these incentives will no longer be available. The solar market is working on finding innovative ways to reduce costs, but until then, getting solar now is going to save you the most.

In fact, regardless of price cuts in the future, you will be saving more by getting solar now. This is due to the large price difference between solar and your utility bill over 25 years.

Eliminate your Power Bill

Solar eliminates costs that you would have been paying to your utility. When you purchase solar it replaces your utility bill. Most acquire a solar loan with zero down and no early payment fees.

Once you pay off the loan you no longer have an energy bill. Customers often have ten plus years of only paying a minuscule grid connection fee before their array needs replacing. This alone saves customers thousands in utility bills.

Every year that you don’t have solar you are missing out on the savings of a photovoltaic array. That’s why it is best to get solar as soon as you can qualify for it.

Add Value to your Home

If you purchase solar you are also adding value to your home. When you choose to sell your home the array actually increases its worth.

Your home’s worth is relative to the area you live in, and how old your array is. In general, however, owned solar adds several thousand dollars to your sale price.

Impact of Solar on the Environment

One of the benefits of solar is that it has a positive impact on the world we live in. When you install solar on your home, you are replacing fossil fuel emissions.

Impact of Coal on the Environment

The amount of hydrogen and carbon in your fuel determines how much CO2 the fuel will emit when burned. When other elements are also burned it increases CO2 levels.

Of the different fossil fuels, coal has the highest emission level. Unfortunately, it is also the most used fossil fuel in the energy sector.

In fact, in 2017 coal accounted for 69 percent of fossil fuels used in the United States. Of the energy sector coal represented 29.9 percent. As more homeowners purchase solar, however, it decreases the need for coal.

Environmental Progress that Solar has Made

When you install solar you use a power source that will produce emission-free energy for 25 plus years. This means you are able to save money while saving the planet— a win-win for everyone.

Because the solar industry cares they are working on solar manufacturing and recycling. In fact, photovoltaic birth and death processes have already made large strides. Every time the installed solar capacity has doubled the emissions produced has decreased by 17 to 24 percent.

Paying it Forward with Go Solar Group

Purchasing solar for your home gives you an opportunity to pay it forward. Caring for our community now provides our children a future.

Getting Solar Now Improves Health Later

communities around the world are increasingly afflicted by the side effects of pollution. Residential solar, however, is one way in which each individual can make a difference.

Although one home doesn’t make a large difference our collective contribution does. As of Q3 2018, the US solar industry installed almost 60 gigawatts of solar and this isn’t going to stop. Residential solar growth has continued to climb at a steady pace over the past several years.

Contribute to 1heart1mind with your Solar Purchase

Giving back is a huge part of the solar initiative. When you purchase solar through Go Solar Group, however, you are able to give back in more ways.

For every home that Go Solar Group installs, they donate the equivalent to a revolving micro-loan in Africa. These micro-loans have helped replace kerosene lamps, increase study hours and promote entrepreneurship.

The charity, 1heart1mind, that facilitates this program has a larger goal in mind than distributing solar though. 1heart1mind’s goal is to promote community health and sustainability through locally-led programs.

Their most current project was the completion of an orphanage. This orphanage provides shelter, food, healthcare and education for 60 children.


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