Cut Your Thanksgiving Cooking Costs with Solar Power

Solar panel ROI
Decrease Thanksgiving cooking costs with solar
Thanksgiving is the holiday known best for an insurmountable amount of food. Many look forward to spending time with their loved ones over a large dinner or lunch. Although Thanksgiving food is delicious we wish it wasn’t as expensive to prepare.

Time in the Kitchen on Turkey Day

Most American’s spend about an hour a day preparing food. This, however, increases when you are also preparing food for your family and friends. A turkey on its own can take anywhere from three to five hours to cook depending on the size of the bird. And that is only one aspect of the Thanksgiving cooking process.
Many spend several hours before the actual meal preparing food with electronic devices. We use microwaves, blenders, electric skillets, ovens, fridges/freezers, toasters and more. 

Average Electric Costs on Thanksgiving

In 2015 the EIA found that electricity accounts for 63 percent of household cooking fuel. And although the average American only pays 10 cents per kilowatt this adds up and can increase. Your time of use and the demand for electricity in your area are large determinants in price.
A typical modern electric oven uses 2400 watts per hour. If you are cooking a turkey this is at least 7200 watts and that’s just cooking the turkey. Microwaves use 1200 watts for every 30 minutes of use.
Fridges usage about 180 watts and freezers use 200 watts a day. If you are opening and closing the door all day cold air escapes meaning that you are actually using more energy.
Electric costs take up a lot more of your Thanksgiving holiday than you were aware of. And this doesn’t even include the watts used to keep your home warm, blow dry your hair, heat up your shower and watch TV.

End your Energy Woes with Solar

The good news is that using more electricity doesn’t need to be a strain on your pocketbook. With a solar array, you are able to forgo electricity charges and enjoy your family’s company.

Savings that Come with Solar

When you purchase solar you are paying to not have to worry about your energy use for the next 25 plus years. You can find solar savings by comparing your system price to what you would have paid over the life of the system. And this is just the savings solar has several ways in which it pays for itself.

Solar Performance Matter

Go Solar Group uses state of the art equipment to ensure long lasting high performance. We use Axitec 60 cell 315-watt panels with 18.44 percent efficiency. And our preferred inverter option has an extended warranty of 20 years.
With solar, you can enjoy years of carefree energy use and holiday cheer. No need to stress the sun has your energy needs covered.


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