The Benefits of Powering Your Texas Farm With Solar

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Solar benefits for farmers are pretty significant. As a result farmers across the country have jumped on the solar bandwagon.

Texas Solar Dual Use Farming Promotes Pollination

Solar panels take up a lot of space and so powering your farm may not be probable on the roof of your barn. This has made getting solar for farmers a debate.

Do you get solar and give up part of your land to install it or let your utility suck money out of your pocket? This may not be as big of an issue now that research shows solar can enhance the pollination of your farm.

How Farms With Solar Can Encourage Pollination

Since the 1940’s managed honeybee colonies have decreased by over 50 percent. This large decrease in population impacts honey production and plant health. With solar, the decline of honey bees can get reversed.

Honey producers Travis and Chiara Bolton have found that their bees thrive next to solar.  This is because native plants have been sown under and around the panels. These plants promote the health of bees and if they are next to your farm then the love can spread to your crops as well.

Cut Your Texas Farm’s Electric Bills With Solar Implementation

One of the best benefits of solar is that it reduces reliance on your utility company. The environmental benefits are great, but escaping rate changes is even better.

What Solar Can Power On Your Farm

There are many functions within farming that use electricity. Being able to power day to day tasks with solar is a huge boon to farmers. And depending on your situation you can use solar for all or part of your energy needs.

What You Can Save With Solar

Because solar production only happens when the sun it out consistent power can be an issue. Many combat this issue by staying connected to the grid. Others combine solar with backup solutions.

No matter how you tackle this issue solar will help you save. This is because when you get solar you are escaping utility rate increases for the next 25 plus years. You can increase your savings with incentives that make solar economical for farmers.

Save More With Incentives For Texas Farms With Solar

If you own your land then getting solar for your farm is no problem. With the plethora of incentives available powering your farm with solar is a no-brainer.

Federal Funding Through REAP

The department of agriculture has three different funding options available through the REAP. An acronym for Rural Energy for America Program.

You can get a loan guarantee for up to 75 percent of eligible costs. The second option is a grant for up to 25 percent of the cost. Or you can get a grant and loan that covers a combined 75 percent of your solar project.

Business Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

Another government incentive is the Investment Tax Credit. For non-residential projects, this currently covers 30 percent of PV systems. This tax credit will decrease to 10 percent by 2022 where it will stay unless revised.

Texas Solar And Property Taxes

When you get solar it increases the value of your property. For most this means that property taxes also increase.

In response, Texas has placed a solar property tax exemption. This allows individuals and businesses to be exempt from solar tax increases.

Using The Depreciation Tax Credit For Your Texas Farm’s Solar Array

Using the depreciation tax credit to your advantage can also boost your savings.  The depreciation tax credit, also known as MACRS, will cover up to 100 percent of the cost of solar over 5 years.

If you would like to learn more about solar and our products you can call us. Or you can fill out our Texas commercial solar form and we will reach out to you.


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