Solar Screens in San Antonio: How They Compare

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San Antonio solar screens - how they compare

In San Antonio, escaping the heat is a necessity. Many Texans experience high energy bills as a result. One way many have decided to solve this problem is through solar screens.

Solar Screens for Windows in San Antonio

Solar screens are normally placed outside your window. This is to prevent the window from heating up your home.

How Effective Are Solar Window Screens

The effectiveness of your solar screens is dependant on the screen and its placement.  Here are some basics to keep an eye on.

Solar screens can get constructed from a variety of plastics. Most screens are PVC coated polyester mesh.

How your panels get mounted will determine how long they will stay on your window. Making sure the mounting equipment is durable will make a big difference.

Most companies will offer an 80 percent and 90 percent shade option. Both options should still allow you to see outside. If being able to see through your windows is a big deal to you the openness factor of the material will affect how well you can see through it.

Windows that are west facing will have more sun exposure.  If you have more then four hours of direct sun it may be a good idea to get screen fabric that will shade 90 percent of the sun.

How Much Do Solar Screens Save

How much solar screens will save you depends on how many windows you cover. The page on energy efficient window attachments states that energy loss is a big deal.

Up to 30 percent of heat escapes from windows during cool months. During the summer energy efficiency is an even bigger problem. This is because 76 percent of the light that comes through standard double pane windows heats up your home.

If most of your home has windows with long periods of sun exposure you will see more utility savings. The good news is getting solar screens is one of the least expensive window treatments. This means that you can experience savings faster.

How Long Do Solar Screens Last?

How long your solar screen will last depends on the materials used. If you look for a solar screen with a 10 to 20-year warranty you should be fine. Getting a screen that is cheap may mean that you will have to replace it sooner.

Window Tint vs Sun Screens: Which Is Better For Texans?

Tinted windows are appealing because they block the sun without messing with aesthetics. Tinted windows will protect your furniture from fading. It also means you won’t get as bad of a sunburn when you go to enjoy a book in your window seat.

The issue with tinted windows, however, is that they don’t stop the window from heating up. This is because there is nothing shading the window.

So you may not get skin cancer, but your tinted window will still heat up and radiate some of that heat into your home. You can get tinted windows that will block heat, but these also block visible light. This means your home will be darker inside which kind of defeats the point of having windows to begin with.

San Antonio Solar Screens vs Low E Windows

Low energy windows are a solution to both heating and cooling issues. The type of low energy window that you get will determine in what way it will help your home. Low energy windows use a microscopic transparent coating. This coating reflects air away from it. Low energy windows have a hard or soft coating. The hard coating reflects air that hits it but allows some heat to pass through the window. This is ideal for areas that have cold winters because these windows allow some heat to go through. The soft coating is more resistant and doesn’t allow as much heat to pass through the window. For areas with mild winters, a soft coating will save them the most money.

Solar Screens On Low E Windows

If cost isn’t an issue you can combine solar screens with low energy windows. This may be a bit overkill though.

If you want to make sure your air stays cold windows are a major culprit. Making sure your windows are less likely to heat up will save money on your utility bill later.

Enhancing Texas Energy Savings With Solar Panels

Everyone is leaning toward smart homes. Although they help the environment and make life convenient they are also economical. When you combine solar panels with energy improvements your savings increases.  

How Solar Boosts Your Home Improvements

Insulation, solar screens, and low energy windows will save you money on your air conditioning use. Upgrading your appliances will make a difference for your monthly utility bill.

Combining these improvements with a photovoltaic system, however, replaces your utility bill. With solar panels in San Antonio, you save thousands of dollars that would have gone to your utility. This becomes money that you can now save for a rainy day or spend elsewhere.

The Solar Return On Investment

Some don’t think that solar has as great of a return as claimed, but the numbers speak for themselves. With the federal incentives in place, the price of solar is dramatically lower. And if your system lasts longer than the warranty, which most do, you will save even more.

The savings don’t stop with the utility price comparison though. When you get solar you also are investing in your home. The value of your home increases when you own a quality solar array. And if you live in a neighborhood with other solar homes it will increase the value even more.

Getting solar doesn’t need to be a hard decision, but it should be well thought out. We encourage interested parties to look at all their options.

At Go Solar Group we sale German-engineered solar panels and Tesla Powerwalls. If you would like to look at what one of our systems could save you go to our solar panels San Antonio cost page.


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