San Antonio Solar: A Look at Surrounding Utility Companies

San Antonio Solar and Utilities

Although CPS services most of San Antonio it doesn’t serve everyone. If you live on the outskirts of San Antonio you may have a different electric provider.

Utilities In The San Antonio Area: Bexar County And Beyond

Bexar County which covers most of San Antonio uses CPS services. There are, however, seven surrounding counties serviced by different electric providers.

GVEC And Guadalupe County

The majority of Texans in Guadalupe county use GVEC. GVEC is a cooperative. Unless voted otherwise Texas co-op customers have regulated electricity.

Utilities That Service Wilson and Atascosa County

There are a couple of large electric providers that cover Wilson and Atascosa County. These include FELPS, Karnes Electric Co-Op, Ambit Energy, and AEP Texas. Karnes Electric Co-Op currently has regulated electricity.

Medina County Utilities

Medina residents receive most of their power from Medina Electric Co-Op. There are some that get their electricity from other providers. These providers include Bandera Electric Co-Op, Centerpoint energy, City of Hondo Utilities, CPL Retail Energy, and liberty power.

Electricity In Bandera County

Bandera Electric Co-Op powers most of Bandera County. This small section not powered by Bandera Electric Co-Op is in CPS territory.

Electric Options In Kendall County

Although CPS supplies power to most of Kendall county it is not the distributor. The City of Boerne and Bandera Electric Cooperative distribute most electricity. Pedernales Electric Co-Op also dips into Kendall County.

Comal County Electricity

Pedernales Electric Co-Op and New Braunfels utility services most of Comal County. Like most other cooperatives Pedernales hasn’t approved deregulation.

Co-Ops And Their Role In Getting Solar

Having electric options is great, but deregulated markets don’t offer the only options. Many Cooperatives have solar programs for their customers.

In fact for those that want to get solar cooperatives may be the better route. This is because Co-Ops and municipalities are able to offer better rebates and integration policies.

Medina Electric Co-Op

Medina EC will pay customers for excess energy if the system is at or below 700 kW. This excess generation is at Medina EC’s avoided cost rate.

Bandera Electric Co-Op

Bandera also pays its solar generating customers for their excess energy. Excess generation gets paid at the avoided cost rate as a credit on your next month’s bill.

Pedernales Electric Co-Op (PEC) Solar Options

PEC has an interconnection policy for their solar generation customers. They credit excess solar energy to the customer’s account and apply it to their bill.

Solar Options In Counties Surrounding San Antonio

Most of the electric providers listed above have solar programs. There are a few, however, that don’t have generation programs.

Here are the Electric providers that we were able to confirm have solar generation programs.

    • Medina Electric Co-Op

    • Bandera Electric Cooperative

    • City of Boerne

    • Pedernales Electric Co-Op

    • New Braunfels Utilities

    • Floresville Electric Light & Power System

    • GVEC

  • CPS

Your current electric provider plays a large roll in your ability to get solar. You need to know what your electric provider’s solar generation options are. If your utility supports solar fill out our forum and you can get a customized quote for your Texas home. Currently, Go Solar Group can help GVEC and CPS customers.


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