Why San Antonio Homeowners Shouldn’t Get Leased Solar Panels

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Leased solar is very popular. Popular, however, doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do. There are some fundamental flaws with leasing solar that have caused the solar industry to get a bad rap.

GVEC Requires San Antonio Solar Customers to Purchase Their Solar Array

Which utility currently supplies your power plays a large role in your solar options. Although purchasing solar is the better option for some in the San Antonio area it is the only option.

Those that live in CPS jurisdiction have the option of buying or leasing solar. GVEC customers, however, can’t get leased solar if they want GVEC’s solar incentive. This means you are missing out on an extra 75 cents per watt you could have been saving when you get leased solar.

This means you have to be careful which solar company you decide to go with. When you look into solar for your Texas home can count on us to provide GVEC approved services.

Leased Panels and Roof Repairs After San Antonio Storms

As menacing clouds outside start to thicken large hailstones descend from the sky. After the storm has passed you look outside to find pieces of your shingles scatters on the ground. Looks like you might need to re-shingle part or all of your roof.

One of the main issues with getting a leased system in San Antonio is temporary panel removal. If you aren’t careful your lease agreement may require you to only use their services.

This means that you have to pay their price. Often temporary panel removal is not included in their “free maintenance” package.

make sure you know what they will cover before you agree to a solar lease. Ask what types of maintenance they will provide and at what price and frequency.

It is also wise to take a look at their solar roof warranty. Find out how long the warranty is for and what it will cover. Not all warranties last the length of the lease.

Temporary Panel Removal for Purchased Solar

Like leasing you want to be sure you know what you are getting into when you purchase solar. The difference, however, when it comes to panel removal, is that you have options. You can use your original installer or you can compare prices.

Not all solar companies will take solar off of the roof and so you will need to know who to call if you need this service.  As of 2018 Go Solar Group has started working with Veteran Solar for their Texas installs.

Veteran solar charges $208 per panel for customers that they have installed solar for. Homes that require special equipment or extra supplies cost more.

These charges are often covered under your homeowner insurance. Make sure and check with your insurance agent before you contract your panel removal.

It’s Harder To Sell a San Antonio Texas Home With Leased Solar Panels

Another issue that comes with leasing instead of buying solar panels is the sell of your home. Most people don’t plan on selling their home when they purchase solar, but life happens.

If you have purchased your solar array it will increase the value of your home. How much of that increase is dependent on your area and the quality and age of your solar array. When you lease, however, you don’t own the panels and therefore they are not included in your appraisal.

Homeowners with leased panels need to find a buyer that is willing to take on the lease. If they can’t find a buyer willing to take on the lease they will have to buy out the lease.

Unfortunately, homeowners end up taking a loss when they buy out their solar lease. It can also be a bit of a pain to get the panels removed if you terminate your lease early.

Other San Antonio Leased Solar Panel Complications

Unfortunately, this is only the beginning of leased solar panel complications. Often their contracts have fine print that the customer isn’t made aware of.

Because you don’t own the system you don’t have control over the elements that go into product quality. Their free maintenance normally isn’t regular and so you have to call them to get anything done. And it can be difficult to add solar panels or battery backup to your home after entering into a solar lease.

Although leasing can get a person that doesn’t owe taxes into solar the price they end up paying isn’t worth it. It is for this reason that Go Solar Group has never leased systems.


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