Comparing Your Energy Needs to the Average San Antonio Home

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San Antonio Homes Average Energy Usage

Electricity use is dependent on the area the home is in. Large homes in moderate climates need the same or less energy as small homes in extreme climates.

San Antonio Texas is known for its extremely hot weather and winters that aren’t much better. These weather conditions increase Texans household energy use. Over 80 percent of Texans have central air and about half use electricity to heat their homes.

For those living in Texas, this means average energy needs are higher than the rest of the nation. On average Texans use 26 percent more energy per year than the rest of the nation. Taking a look at average, low and high usage in Texas will give a better idea of what is normal in the San Antonio area.

Low Electricity Usage and Solar

Low usage is not a common occurrence. In Texas, most electric providers have a higher rate for lower usage. This makes it seem like using more energy is the better option. However, the customer is still using more energy which means they are paying more.

What is Considered Low Usage in Texas

In Texas, the low is 500-kilowatt hours (kWh) a month. This equates to an average power bill of about $50 dollars. People with monthly electric bills this low should count their lucky stars.

When Usage is too Low for Solar

Unfortunately solar isn’t a good fit for homeowners that use less than 500 kWh a month. This is because the cost of the system would outweigh the benefits of going solar. If, however, solar is a high priority, there are ways to increase energy usage.  

Average Electric Usage in Texas

Most people in Texas have pretty high energy usage year round. However, knowing the average gives an idea of what is too high.

Usage Expectations in Texas

The Texas average usage per household in January of 2019 was 1,309. This was 58 kWh more than CPS Energy’s customers that month.

In August of 2018, the Texas average was 1,398 kWh. This was 143 kWh less than CPS Energy’s customers.

From these two months, it can be assumed that, on average, San Antonians can expect to use a little more than 1,000 kWh per month year round. This usage is equivalent to about $150 dollars per month.

How Solar Can Help San Antonians

Although this is the average energy consumption in Texas, it doesn’t mean residents have to be okay with it. When people add solar to their home, they are able to cover all or most of their electric needs at a fraction of the cost. This is due to variables that have increased the return on investment of solar.

High Electric Usage in Texas

If a Texas home is using a little over a 1,000 kWh per month, this is normal. However, there is a limit to how high is too high.

When You Should Worry About Your Electric Usage

The closer usage gets to 2,000 kWh in a month with your San Antonio home, the more worried you should be. This a concern because electric bills will increase as a result, and at a comparatively more expensive rate per kilowatt hour.

Use Solar Plus Solutions to Offset Your Energy Needs

If, however, solar is used with other energy saving products, there won’t be a need to worry about usage. With products such as smart thermostats and solar shades, energy consumption is monitored and decreased. When these are combined with rooftop solar, Texans gain control over their energy production as well.

San Antonians can optimize their solar array even more by adding one of Go Solar Group’s levels of backup. These solar backup options allow every customer the option to store solar power for later use. Meaning when the grid goes down you will still have some form of power.


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