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Smart thermostats have become all the rage these days, especially in cities like San Antonio, where the heat can cause large-scale power outages. While smart thermostats are an easy sell, it is a no-brainer for homeowners impacted by these outages. Smart thermostats make life a little more convenient because they help people conserve energy and decrease electricity bills.

However, like anything else, the investment in the device hinders some from purchasing it. Thankfully CPS Energy has several programs that make thermostats cheaper for its customers.

Let’s take a look at some CPS Energy smart thermostat incentives, that when paired with solar, make energy savings skyrocket for San Antonio homeowners.

Choosing a Smart Thermostat for Your San Antonio Home

The idea behind a smart thermostat is that customers can control their homes remotely, which is made possible because these devices are connected to the home’s WiFi.

There are many smart thermostats on the market. While most people think of the Nest thermostat when they hear ‘smart thermostat,’ Honeywell, Ecobee, Emerson Sensi, and are a few others that join the plethora of smart-thermostat options that CPS supports.

What thermostat to get depends on the features that are most important to the customer, the quality of the product, and the supporting programs available for it. CPS Energy has several different smart thermostat programs that make this device a cheaper option for its customers.

CPS Smart Thermostat Incentive Programs

Because smart-thermostats helps decrease energy consumption, electricity providers often offer their customers incentives for installing an approved smart thermostat.

CPS is a big supporter of energy-saving devices and has had several different incentive programs for thermostats over the years. Some of these programs have evolved. Others no longer exist, but CPS continues to offer smart thermostat incentives in one form or another.

Take a look at the programs that CPS currently offers so you can determine which smart thermostat is going to best suit you San Antonio home.  

CPS Energy’s Free Smart Thermostat Program

The Energy Saver Smart Thermostat Program installs a Honeywell thermostat for free. Customers that choose this program need to participate in CPS Energy’s peak energy-saving program for at least three years for them to keep the thermostat. If at any time during these three years the customer is unsatisfied with the program, they can have CPS come out and uninstall the thermostat.

Nest Rush Hour and WiFi Thermostat Rewards

While the Honeywell is the only thermostat that CPS will install for free, there are still other options, many of which may be better for your home. The Nest thermostat is one among a range of thermostats that CPS offers a one-time and yearly energy bill credit.

While the customer can have a qualifying thermostat before enrolling in this peak-energy savings program, the customer will not qualify if it is installed by CPS. The WiFi Thermostat Rewards program gives customers $85 for each participating thermostat and $30 for each year of participation in CPS Energy’s rush hour events. Customers that participate in this program give CPS permission to control their WiFi thermostat during peak-energy periods.

More San Antonio Energy Savings With Solar

One way to increase the energy savings of a smart thermostat is to pair it with residential solar. There are a couple of reasons why solar can help San Antonio homeowners with smart thermostats save even more.

Residential solar has great ROI in San Antonio, which makes it cheaper than utility generated solar. Texas has optimal sun throughout the year. Solar also allows homeowners to have control over their energy generation. In a nutshell, residential solar gives homeowners with smart thermostats an added sense of control over their lives and the price they have to pay to take their homes renewable.

CPS Energy Peak Hours

CPS recommends that its customers try to perform less energy-intensive activities during the hours between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. These hours are often the most strained because it is when people are more likely to be home, which means lights are on and appliances are running.

One of the ways that solar can give Texan homeowners more control is when they use energy during the day. When the sun is shining, solar-produced electricity powers the home. Because solar customers have an extra incentive to use power in the morning, they don’t need to use as much power between 3 p.m and 7 p.m., which saves more money.

Increase Solar Savings With Battery Backup

Another way to increase your San Antonio energy savings is to invest in a battery backup option. Because solar arrays don’t store excess solar power on their own, backup options are needed to meet energy needs during the night, power-outages, and inclement weather. At Go Solar Group, customers have the choice between three different levels of battery backup, which allows homeowners with varying energy needs to have stored power. 


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