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Solar Savings and the CPS Energy Calculator

CPS has an energy cost calculator that gives an estimate of how much electricity would cost through this utility. The tool allows customers to determine how much their bill is going to be so they can financially prepare for payments.

This calculator, however, is a basic estimate. It doesn’t account for utility rate increases, city service charges, or net metering (net metering being relevant to homeowners with solar.

This calculator determines the minimum cost of electricity through CPS, but it doesn’t provide all the factors that go into an electricity bill. Knowing all the factors that go into an electricity bill gives homeowners with CPS Energy as their main utility a more accurate picture of how much solar can save them.

CPS Energy Cost Calculator vs. Solar Savings Calculators

There are several energy savings calculators on the market for San Antonio homeowners. Each one has different programming and scope of interest.

San Antonians using solar calculators for their homes need to make sure it accounts for the factors that matter to them. Some of these factors may include the wattage of the solar panels, term and rate of the loan, the average electricity increase rate for the area, and local rebates.

Knowing the basics behind the estimated numbers helps customers determine if it is an accurate San Antonio solar estimate. If you want to learn how our calculators are programmed and what they factor into their calculations, we have resources to help you.

Energy Bill Estimator: CPS rates

The CPS energy bill estimator uses its current rate for electricity to determine an average bill. While this calculator can look at both electricity and gas rates, it doesn’t account for city service fees or net metering rates. Because this calculator doesn’t account for these other fees, the estimates this calculator provides aren’t realistic. 

Go Solar Group Solar Savings Calculator

Although solar savings calculators aren’t perfect either, they do account for the cost of solar in a more realistic way. Go Solar Group’s solar savings calculator looks at the wattage of the solar panels we typically use, how many of these solar panels a home needs for its estimated usage, and subtracts the federal and any state rebates from this total.

Texas Solar Calculations

When determining the cost of solar in San Antonio, customers need to compare solar to the cost of utility-generated power. Finding the savings that a solar array will yield over its life allows the customer to see the value of solar instead of just the investment.

In 2018, the year of the most recent EIA report, the average residential electricity bill in Texas was $131.63 per month. Over a year, utility-generated electricity would cost around $1,579.56. Over 20 years, it would equal $31,591.20, which isn’t including the Texas yearly electricity-rate increase.

Solar savings calculators, like Go Solar Group’s solar-market-specific solar calculators, gives customers a better idea of how much their array will save them over 20 years (even though the systems can last and produce as warrantied for longer than 40 years). Looking at the CPS energy bill estimator in conjunction with this calculator will give an even better estimate.

The best solar-estimate, however, is found through an in-person assessment. This customized and free assessment can help you determine solar savings and the size of a system needed to maximize your solar power ROI, and based on your home’s usage. At Go Solar Group, we pride ourselves on ensuring the solar assessment is a solar learning experience instead of a pressured sale.


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