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The prime time to get Solar in Reno, Nevada is upon us. Reno is known for being pretty darn hot. In fact, it is the tenth sunniest city in the nation, making solar a viable option.

This sunny climate is perfect for PV, which is why the solar industry has flourished in Reno. Although halted for a time by NV Energy’s metering changes solar has been allowed to shine again. Just like the 2017 solar eclipse, a radiant source of power was overshadowed, but it couldn’t be blocked forever.

Why Solar Panels are Important

Many now have the option to choose solar as their source of power for their homes. With this opportunity comes a selection of solar companies. Which company to go with is now the new challenge.

One way to know if the company you are working with is going to be a good fit is to take a look at their module suppliers.

Taking a look at the suppliers that a solar company is using has an impact on everything. The panels on your system are the conduit between the sun and your power. If your panels are low quality, then they aren’t going to last as long or produce as much.

Popular Reno Solar Panel Facts

We have created a list of solar panels that have caught the public eye. We then took a deeper look at what each panel has to offer so you can better compare them.

Sun Power

Sun Power is a Product Manufacturing Company. They produce Monocrystalline panels, which are known to be of the best quality. As of right now, they have three different models.

Panel Wattage: These models include their 335, 345, and 327-watt panels

Warranties: their product warranty is for 25 years. This Warranty guarantees that at the end of 25 years your panels still produce 80%.

Place of Manufacture: Sun Power manufactures its panels in the Philippines

LG Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Panel Wattage: They carry 295, 300, and 305-watt panels.

Panel Efficiency: These panels have an efficiency rating of 17.2%-21%.

Warranties: Their product warranty is for 15 years. This warranty states that their panels will produce at least 86% in the first 25 years, which isn’t bad.

Place of Manufacture: These panels are manufactured in South Korea.

Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar produces Monocrystalline panels. They have eleven different panel options.

Panel Wattages: These options range between 200 and 300-watt models.

Panel Efficiency: Their panel efficiency is between 15.4-16.63%,

Warranties: These panels have a 10-year warranty on them. They are guaranteed to output at least 80% in 25 years.

Place of Manufacture: These panels are owned by a private subsidiary of Canadian Solar Inc. Panels, which are manufactured in Ontario, Canada.

Hanwha Solar Panels

Under the brand name Hanwha Q CELLS, Hanwha controls both Hanwha Solar and Q CELLS. They have 40 different module options, which isn’t a bad spread.

Panel Efficiency: Each panel has a range of efficiency ratings. Their POWER-G5 275-watt panel has 16.8% efficiency.

Warranties: Hanwha Q CELLS Q. POWER-G5 275-watt Solar Panel has a 12-year materials warranty and a 25-year output warranty. This panel will produce at least 82% in 25 years.

Place of Manufacture: According to their website, they manufacture their products in China, Malaysia and South Korea.


Panel Efficiency: They have an efficiency of 19%-19.7%.

Warranties: Panasonic has a 15 to 25-year material warranty. After 25 years, they guarantee the panels will produce at least 90.76%.

Place of Manufacture: They manufacture these Monocrystalline panels in Malaysia, the United States, and Japan.


Panel Wattages: They have five different module options that range from 140 to 135 watts.

Panel Efficiency: Kyocera manufactures Polycrystalline panels. These panels have a 13.97-15.19% efficiency rating, which makes them a step below the Monocrystalline-grade quality levels.

Warranties: Their product warranty is for 10 years. They guarantee that their panels will put out at least 90% after 10 years and 80% after 20 years.

Place of Manufacture: Their panels are manufactured in Mexico.


REC is a Norwegian solar module company. They produced 15 different Polycrystalline panels.

Panel Efficiency: These panels have an efficiency rated between 16.5-17.7%.

Warranties: They have a product warranty of 10 years, and after 25 years, they should still produce at least 80.2%.

Place of Manufacture: REC manufactures its panels in Singapore.

Trina Solar

Panel Efficiency: Trina produces both Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline modules. These panels have an efficiency of 14.1-15.9%.

Warranties: Their product warranty is for 10 years, and after 25 years, their panels should still produce at least 80%.

Place of Manufacture: Trina manufactures its panels in China.

Why Go Solar Group Uses Axitec Panels

Why does Go Solar Group rely on this panel manufacturer? The answer is, quite simply. Axitec doesn’t cut corners when it comes to quality. For Go Solar Group, quality and customer service are the number one priorities, and one comes in tandem with the other.

When it comes to quality, German engineering is the best in the solar panel business. In picking Axitec as our manufacturer, it came to the quality of the company.

The fact that their panels are all German-engineered denotes quality. That is why we typically use their Monocrystalline AXIbalckpremium panel. This panel is sleek, responsive, and efficient.

Panel Wattage: Although there are many options we use their 315 Watt 60 cell monocrystalline panel.

Panel Efficiency: The panels we use have an 18.44% module conversion efficiency rating

Warranties: After 25 years, you are guaranteed to still produce 85% from your panels. They also have a 15-year product warranty.

Place of Manufacture: Vietnam

Your Solar Choice

The choice was clear for us, but that may not mean it is for you. We understand that each person has different needs. Different products and prices may fit your needs better, which is why we also offer LG, Silfab, and Solaria premium modules.

Ultimately, what it comes down to is what is important to you. We suggest getting several quotes so you can compare company products and services.

If you would like to get a free solar quote from Go Solar Group, you can fill out your quick survey. A Go Solar Group associate will then call you to set up your free quote.


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