Why Reno Solar Power Will Lead the Renewable Energy Revolution

Reno Solar Power
Reno solar power will lead the renewable energy revolution

The renewable energy revolution has begun and Reno will spearhead it and serve as its champion, king, ambassador, and perhaps even more. There is huge potential in Nevada and recent clean energy changes are just the beginning of what Reno, Carson City, Las Vegas, and other hubs within the Silver State stand to benefit from.

HBO Documentary and Nevada

In December of 2017, HBO released their documentary, “Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution.” This film addresses the challenges of clean energy and continual progress made toward solar grid parity-a phenomenon the solar industry wants, because it would mean more homes are solar than non-solar. 

Happening first covered the Nevada PUC’s decision in 2015 to end net metering. This caused Nevada’s growing solar industry to seemingly collapse overnight.

The film later came back to Nevada to find the smoldering solar flame stoked and ready for action. But light never comes without heat.

Several bills passed the Nevada Senate in 2017 and later got Governor approval as well.

Four Energy Bills that Governor Sandoval Passed

With the passage of four bills, we have seen new securities for solar for Nevada that weren’t in place beforehand.

Nevada Senate Bill 65

The BC 65 requires utilities to give the PUCN an overview of their resource plan at least 4 months before filing. The PUCN is now required to consider the sources that reduce energy cost and demand. These new regulations should help prevent history from repeating itself.

Nevada Senate Bill 150

The SB 150 requires the PUCN to establish annual energy saving targets. This means that Nevada’s PUC is now required to promote solar energy if they are to uphold this responsibility in an intelligent way. 

Nevada Assembly Bill 223

The AB 223 directs 5 percent of efficiency program spending to low-income programs. This will help give those that are struggling a little bit of leg up on reduced energy bill costs. 

Nevada Senate Bill 204

The SB 204 reinstates net metering at a starting rate of 95 percent of the retail rate. This will go down by 7 percent every 80 MW until it reaches 75 percent.

This bill also provides protections to solar customers that they didn’t have before. Utilities can no longer extend separate fees to solar customers. You are now also promised 20 years of the same excess energy rate.

Predictions for Reno Nevada in the Clean Energy Revolution

Before the 2015 fiasco, Nevada was a solar powerhouse with massive potential for more growth.  Although renewable energy was climbing, natural gas still took the lead by a long shot. With these new bills in place, you can move forward with confidence. the SB 204 alone has brought peace of mind to Reno residents. 

Governor Sandoval’s Stance on AB 206

The AB 206 proposes the Nevada Renewable Portfolio Standard increase from 25 to 40 percent. Dylan Sullivan, a senior scientist for Natural Resources Defense Council’s energy program.

Sullivan is a big proponent of this bill. As such, he has stated that this bill would drive capital investment in Nevada. He goes on to say that it would create jobs and reduce Nevada’s dependence on natural gas and fossil fuel.

Although Sandoval vetoed the AB 206 he did task his Committee on Energy Choice to look at it further. The comity will be proposing recommendations for the 2019 session.

What to Look Forward to in Reno’s Solar Future

The future for solar holds some exciting possibilities. Renewable energy advocates are working on getting bills not passed another chance.

As a Nevada resident, solar is now an option that you can trust in. The question isn’t if you should get solar, but who to get it from.

We recommend comparing multiple bids so you can get the best bargain. If you fill out our quick survey Go Solar will set up an in-person appointment with you.


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