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To get the most out of a San Antonio solar array, quality solar panels are key. Quality solar panels with optimized efficiency, however, is even better. While solar arrays don’t need maintenance to keep running, several things can enhance solar panel efficiency.

Some of these things include regular solar panel cleaning, High-quality solar products paired with equally matched solar panels, and implementing solar-conducive habits. Together these can make a great system run superbly.

Cleaning Solar Panels Impacts Power Output

The build-up of dust and debris throughout the year can easily cover the solar array, which in turn impacts the efficiency of the system. 

One of the easiest ways to make a difference in a San Antonio solar-energy production is keeping the solar panels clean. Cleaning solar panels regularly can increase the efficiency of the array by as much as 30 percent.

What Cleaning Your Panels Does

For the most part, rain does a pretty good job of keeping Texas solar panels clean. There are times, however, when they need some extra cleaning.

How To Clean Your Solar Panels

Hiring a professional to clean solar panels will eliminate stress and hassle, but generally, homeowners don’t need to hire anyone to clean their array. The best way to clean solar panels is to spray them off from the ground with a garden hose. A typical garden house will get most of the build-up off the solar panels without harming them.

It is best to stay away from harsh chemicals or water with high mineral content because they will leave a residue on the glass of the solar panels that might impact the efficiency of the array. This residue defeats the purpose of cleaning the solar panels.

It is best to clean Texas solar panels once or twice a year, depending on how often the area get rainstorms. However, there are several cleaning options. Some of these options include using a cleaning robot, installing an automatic cleaning system, hiring a professional, or doing it yourself.

Solar Products That Increase Texas Solar Panel Performance

The components used in conjunction with the solar panels also affect overall performance. Making sure all the parts are the best fit for each other will ensure that the system will function optimally.   

The Right Inverter Can Make A Huge Difference

Inverters are the heart of a solar array. They control whether the power is converting to usable alternating current.

Having a high-quality inverter is imperative to achieving max solar production for a Texas home. Most solar inverters have a ten-year warranty, which means the inverter will most likely need replacing before the solar panels reach their warranty.  

Finding an inverter with a warranty that matches the life of the solar panels is ideal. It proves that the manufacturer has faith in the quality of their product and decreases maintenance costs.

When Power Optimizers Are The Right Choice

String inverters on their own are not the best option if the home has shaded areas. String inverters are also not ideal for homes with multiple angles that don’t have enough space for a string of panels.

 Go Solar Group uses Solar Edge power optimizers with a single-phase inverter. This inverter option is the better choice over a micro-inverter for a couple of reasons:

  • better efficiency per panel
  • doesn’t require as much wiring
  • centralized ground level inverter (maintenance and software update ease)
  • cost per watt is less
  • able to work with a wide verity of panels

The Role Of Solar Backup In System Optimization

Another way to enhance the power production of a San Antonio solar home is through battery backup. Backup allows homeowners to optimize their excess solar-production by storing it. 

Go Solar Group has several battery backup options that allow homeowners to choose how much power they want to store. These options range from storage for the whole home to emergency backup meant to power essentials during an outage.

Other Ways To Enhance Your Solar Array Productivity

The productivity of a system is also reliant on the energy-consumption habits of the homeowner. If Texas homeowners are serious about getting the most out of their solar array, there are a couple out of the box things they can do.

Replacing Your Appliances

Replacing all the appliances at once is unnecessary. However, each has a lifespan. 

Unfortunately, the washer or heater will eventually die. Replacing worn-out appliances with energy-efficient ones is a no-brainer.

Energy Star’s website has a range of energy-efficient products. They also show what rebates are available for these products by zip code

Becoming Conscious Of Your Usage Habits

Another way to get the most out of a solar array is by adopting new energy-conscious habits. Although solar reduces the need for utility-generated power, most people that get solar for their San Antonio homes stay connected to the grid.

Solar customers that stay connected can access utility-generated power when the sun is down. The excess solar-power produced during the day goes onto the grid and put on the utility bill as a credit towards energy used at night. The problem is that solar production often is set at a lower rate than utility-generated power.

To get the most out of a solar array, homeowners need to use power when it is cheapest for them. Nighttime usage is often the most expensive because more people are using it.

When high-energy activities performed during the day, however, cost less. The problem is that not everyone has the luxury of being home during the day.

Those that can’t be home during the day do have other options. Many set delayed timers on their appliances before leaving for work. Others plan high-energy activities on days when they will be home during the afternoon, allowing them to utilize the solar power they are producing instead of paying extra for power taken off the grid at night.

Solar panels typically have 25-year warranties, but a system will last much longer if solar homeowners do their part. Homeowners can heighten their solar experience with regular maintenance, quality products, and energy-efficient practices.


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