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how to improve Utah air quality

Poor air quality not only harms your health in the long term, but it also impairs your ability to concentrate, sleep and work. The bigger problem – most people don’t know how to measure air quality so that they can start improving it.

The first step to improving the quality of your air is to monitor your home for certain pollutants and particles over time. Keep reading to learn how to measure air quality using some of the most cutting edge tools on the market.

How Can We Measure Air Pollution?

As you know, there are tons of microscopic particles floating all around you at any given moment. Consequently, the are several types of air quality monitoring devices that give you a variety of information. These are just a few of the gadgets that can help you breath easier:

The Foobot

Foobot is an all-in-one device that detects the really bad volatile organic compounds like methane, ammonia and formaldehyde. It also detects carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

Wi-Fi capabilities allow you to sync Foobot with your mobile device so that you can track your air quality when you’re away from home, and you’ll receive alerts if major changes occur. The Foobot app even gives you tips for improvement.

DC-1100 Pro Air Quality Monitor

The Dylos DC-1100 PRO measures the number of airborne particulates such as mold, pollen, bacteria and smoke. While it doesn’t tell you exactly what is in your air, it does come with a handy chart that will help give you an idea of your overall air quality. Use it to test your HVAC vents to see if your ducts need cleaning.

Amprobe CO2-100 Handheld Carbon Dioxide Meter

This small portable CO2 meter is ideal for checking the air quality in large buildings since you can quickly sample multiple rooms. In addition to providing an instant reading of CO2 levels, you can set the Amprobe up to collect samples over a 15 minute or eight hour period.

It will also tell you the current temperature, humidity and dew point. A USB connector allows you to download data to your own devices.

Now Take a Deep Breath

Pay attention to your local air quality forecast, especially if you have small children. The Utah Air quality app allows you to receive alerts and updates from the Utah Department of Air Quality.

You can also check the EPA’s Air Quality Index for information about the current conditions in other locations. Since you’re here, you might as well learn about environmental awareness and sustainable living by reading additional articles on the Go Solar Group blog.


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