The Purpose Of Solar Power Battery Banks

Battery banks and solar energy

Going without power in today’s society is like going without air. Many don’t even know how to function without a cell phone in their hand. Living without air conditioning or a refrigerator; don’t be silly.

crowds have turned to solar in their efforts to save money and help the environment. The problem is that on its own solar cannot provide continuous power. Most have used the grid as their backup source, but there is another option.

This option is solar backup also known as storage. Once you have a way to store your excess solar power outages will be a distant memory.  Like cassette tapes and record players, your kids will hear the term outage and say, “what is that?”

How Solar Storage Works

Storage is any device that will stockpile a reservoir of energy for later use. There are many different types of storage out there, but which one to use is dependent on your needs.

Main Storage Types For Large facilities

Large facilities such as solar farms need to store vast quantities of energy for later use. Some of the storage options that are being explored include: Massive battery banks, flywheel energy storage, compressed air energy storage, thermal energy storage, and pumped hydroelectric storage. These alternatives, however, may not be a viable choice for the average homeowner.

Go Solar Group’s Residential Storage Options

Go Solar Group realized from its conception that storage is a need not a convenience for solar.  That is why we specialize in solar backup options. We provide storage for the needs of both off-grid solar and grid-tied systems.

Why Most Use Battery Backup For Off-Grid Solar

Most individuals that get solar stay connected to the grid. But for those that want to be self-sustaining going off the grid is the only option.

When you are off grid you can only rely on the power that you produce. This means that you need substantial storage for your home. The majority of off-grid systems use some sort of battery to store their excess solar generation in.

This is because currently, batteries are the best storage system for residential solar.  Batteries are compact and can provide energy needs over several days if need be.

Battery Backup Vs. Battery Bank: Is There A Difference?

Battery backup can be one or several batteries depending on your needs. The definition of a battery bank, however,  is the connection of several batteries.

For instance, you may only need one Tesla battery if you don’t want to power your entire home. This would be battery backup, but not a battery bank.

If you decided that you wanted to power your whole home with Tesla Powerwalls you would need at least two. Two or more of these batteries connected to each other would be both battery backup and a battery bank.

If you would like to learn more about solar and what backup options are best for you Go Solar Group is here to help. You can fill out one of our area specific solar home forums and wait for us to contact you. Or you can call us to set up a no obligation free consultation.


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