Why Go Solar? The benefits of solar energy stack up.

“Are solar panels worth it?”

Explore the advantages of solar power installation and the effects on your wallet, environment, and preparation for unforeseeable events with our solar savings calculator.

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When you go solar you...

Reduce Your Power Bill

Offset your energy usage and stop paying escalating prices for private monopoly-backed utilities.

Get a great return on your asset investment

Property value increases significantly with a solar installation & you save at least 20% more buying solar than leasing.

Lock in a fixed price on energy

Live on free solar energy instead of succumbing to the inflating prices of a public power grid.

Get Solar $0 Down

Secure your family inheritance

Passing on a home with solar panels can cut out utility bills for your children, and their children too!

Get Solar $0 Down

Scale your environmental impact

Reduce your carbon emissions by 3-5 tons per year without changing your usage habits.

Protect your health with better air quality

Solar energy reduces particulate matter, nitrous oxides, and more, preventing lingering air pollution.

Maintain power 24/7 with backup

With solar backup, you can be tied to the grid AND maintain power when the grid goes down.

Provide jobs for people instead of machines

Solar energy is reliant on labor-intensive design & installation, while fossil fuel tech is facilitated by machines.

Go Solar's 8 favorite advantages of solar energy

  • Eliminate That Power Bill!

    The sun is a reliable resource that emits free energy.The average household can offset its power usage with solar energy. That means that when financing solar panels, the solar array payment can replace the power bill entirely if you install the proper system size. At Go Solar Group, we strive to offset as much energy usage as possible without installing more panels than necessary, which would drive up cost. As a Go Solar Group customer, you would benefit from a custom-designed system based on the last 12 months of energy usage for your home.

    Keep in mind, in some instances, the public power company will require a hookup fee of about $9/mo so that each home is still legally tied to the grid. This minimal fee ensures that each home will still get power if the panels don’t produce as much energy as is being consumed.

    Solar arrays can only generate power when the sun is out. This is why photovoltaic systems produce more energy than you need during the day. Right now there are two ways to store this energy for night use. The first option is to store this energy on batteries that will then release the power as needed to your home. The second option is getting a net meter that allows you to stay connected to the grid.

    When you get a net meter the excess energy that you produce offsets your monthly power bill. In some instances, the public power company will require a hookup fee of about $9/mo so that each home is still legally tied to the grid. This minimal fee ensures that each home will still get power if the panels don’t produce as much energy as is being consumed.

    Getting battery backup for your whole home can be very expensive. One Tesla powerwall costs $6,600.  A powerwall that produces 24 kWh per day will power a 1,100 square foot home for seven days. This is without powering your air conditioning unit or other large appliances.  As you can see this adds up fast. In fact getting battery backup on average ends up costing as much as your solar array.

    Until battery backup becomes widely affordable most solar arrays will stay grid tied. Go Solar Group, however, foresees that battery backup prices will fall. That is why all our systems are battery backup compatible. No matter if you would like to go off-grid now or later we can help you achieve your goals.

  • Dodge Inflations – Get A Fixed Price!

    Citizens utilizing public power are at the mercy of utility owners – every year brings a new opportunity for owners to drive up prices to cover internal expenses or coal inflation. Utah power taxes are on the verge of doubling, but locking in a fixed rate on a solar loan means consistent payments at a much lower rate.

    Realistically, you could expect to spend over $100,000 on energy costs in the next 25 years. OR you could go solar and spend $20,000 – $30,000 on solar that offsets additional costs over the next 25 years.

    There are three ways to acquire solar power for your home. You can either pay for your system in cash get a loan or a leased system. No matter which route you choose you will be saving in comparison to your power company. Go Solar Group has found, however, that purchasing a solar array is cheaper than leasing one.

    When you buy a solar array you have a fixed amount that you pay that ends before your panels do. This means that you get to enjoy years of no power related bills. On the other hand, if you get a lease you pay less per month, but as long as you are using the solar array the bill doesn’t go away. If you were to lease a solar array for the whole life of the system it would cost you more then if you had purchased it.

  • Reduce AND Scale Your Impact

    Solar power doesn’t end with one carpool road trip or one full recycle bin. Investing in solar power doesn’t end after a couple hours or even a few weeks. Solar energy continues to offset coal and wood emissions from residential usage over the lifetime of the panels.

    Go Solar Group designs & installs solar panels that produce at least 85% solar potential capacity for 25 years. After 25 years, the panels continue to produce solar-based power, lessening in production a little year-over-year. That means that with the right size system, you can offset at least 75 tons of carbon emissions (and more) in 25 years.
    **It would take the average person 50 years of walking, instead of driving, to offset that much in car emissions.

    There have been some issues with manufacturing and recycling solar panels. These are hurdles however that are being handled. Europe has found effective ways to handle waste and end of life recycling. Similar procedures are being implemented in other parts of the world as well. Solar is still a good option for the environmentally conscious individual.  Getting solar panels will help you make a difference.

  • Be Prepared With Backup

    No one wants to lose power every time the grid goes down, so having a solar backup supply is the perfect opportunity to use stored energy to protect your food storage, complete school or work priorities, as well as care for your pets or plants that rely on filters or lamps.

    Go Solar Group installs backup with every solar system so that you will always have an opportunity to use stored energy. Having a backup opportunity can help you stay powered overnight until your solar can continue producing more energy.

Tax incentives are already being reduced. Take advantage of the benefits of solar power today!

  • Stop renting, start investing

    By producing your own energy, you no longer need to rent power from a public grid. With solar, you make an initial investment in an asset for your home and then spend any additional money, that you’d typically pay for energy, on experiences and things that matter most to you.

    On average, solar arrays can increase your property value by 20%, and when the time comes can help you sell your home 17% quicker than a home without solar.

    As stated earlier investing in solar is a bet well placed. When you purchase a solar array you are given a sure win. Go Solar Group has loans at 2.99% interest for 12 to 15 years. These are loans that you can pay off early without any penalties. Or if you have the cash you can pay for your system outright and you won’t have to worry about interest at all. If you did a 15-year loan and didn’t pay it off early you would still have ten plus years of no payments.  

    One of the best parts about solar is that it makes sense in more than one way. Not only do you save money when you purchase it, but if you decide to sell your home it also gives you an advantage.

  • Make the most of your endowment

    There’s little more concerning than knowing you’re passing on extra expenses, or a home with more costs than securities, to your loved ones. Solar offers an opportunity for your family to save money immediately and, as mentioned above, increases your home value considerably. And because financing rates will naturally increase, purchasing solar now also locks in an opportunity for a low-cost lifestyle that may come at a much larger price for your family in the future.

    For many that are in their seventies or even sixties feel that they won’t live long enough to see the benefits of solar. Wither this is the case or not for you it can still be a smart move to make. If you have family that is going to inherit your home adding a solar array will increase the value of your home. And if they choose to live in it the cost of living would be less expensive.

    When we reach the end of the road we tend to think more about what we will leave our children and grandchildren. Creating a will and making sure that your children get an equal inheritance are all part of this stage in life.  Getting solar on your home is one way that you can create security for your posterity.

  • Win back control of your health

    By going solar, you’re supporting a chance to reduce fossil fuel impacts on public health. Less fossil fuel power production means less water and air pollution due to burning and byproduct. Air pollutants like mercury, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and particulate matter can lead to pulmonary and other chronic conditions in humans and safety issues with ingesting animals and fish. Decreasing your dependence on public power can quite literally save lives.

    In Utah, the winter brings inversion to the Salt Lake Valley. Inversion inflicts migraines, coughing, days missed from work, and hospitalizations. Installing solar in more Utah homes can help offset that coal power production and clean the valley air.

    Although Nevada doesn’t have as large of an inversion problem as Utah pollution is still there. The best way to preserve your health is to invest in renewable technology. Sometimes we forget how unique our environment is. If we were to destroy earth finding another habitable planet less than a lifetime away would be hard to come by.

    Each home that switches to solar will make a difference in their community but what about the rest of the world. With Go Solar Group you are not only able to help clean your air, but also the air of those that live in Africa. With each system Go Solar Group sells they help people in Africa acquire solar. Since 2009 Go Solar Group has helped 2,596 households in Africa. This effort has replaced two kerosene lamps per household. This equates to 6,178 tons of averted black carbon emissions.

  • Create domestic job opportunities

    Fossil fuel technologies have been around for decades, which means that many functions are automated by machinery and require little supervision, while solar design and installation is specific to each homeowner’s energy usage, requiring man hours to design, survey, permit, and install each array. Endorsing a saturated solar market would increase domestic job potential significantly and provide an on-going career opportunity as solar technology advances or solar panels age and lose energy production.

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