Why Getting Solar in Utah Is Worth It

Utah Solar
Utah Solar is Worth Every Penny

The State of Utilities in Utah Today

Although there are several smaller utility companies Utah’s major utility is Rocky Mountain Power. Petroleum natural gas and coal are the main sources of energy in Utah. Renewable energy is not mainstream, but it is the best choice for you and your neighbors.

Coal power:

  • is the number-one source of electrical power in Utah
  • produces about ⅘ of the state’s energy needs
  • emits 100 or more tons of nitrogen and sulfur oxides and produce huge amounts of carbon dioxide
  • has big impacts on visibility and air quality, not to mention a significant role in global climate change

Natural gas is the distant-second power contributor in Utah, but it has a small hand in the life of Utah residents. Coal and gas are abundant and mainstream power resources, but many Utahans don’t realize that while our power rates are low currently, they’re about to increase to meet the national average.

Lucky for you, you are looking into converting to solar power – which will lock in a low, fixed cost for power. The IEA report for 2017 says that one-third of natural gas produced in Utah leaves the state.

Although Utah does have 3 of the United States 100 largest gas fields it only accounts for 1 percent of the nations natural gas reserves. Utah’s largest consumer of natural gas is heating with electric power as a close second.   


  • 1 in every 100 barrels of Crude oil in America is produced by Utah
  • Utah has 5 refineries  
  • ⅘ of petroleum products are used in the transportation sector

Utah Solar Installation is Our Focus

Looking for a solar energy company in Utah? Go Solar Group can help you keep your landscape in a healthier state with solar panel installation. As a local solar company in Murray, our focus is Utah photovoltaic solar systems. Every solar array is built for Utah climate so that you’ll get the most out of your solar investment. There are many advantages that come with solar power.

Go Solar Group power energy systems in Utah:

  • offset at least 85% of your energy needs based on Utah solar patterns
  • backed with a sustainable, 25-year warranty
  • can cut down about a fifth of the carbon emissions each homeowner emits per year

With an interest in providing tried and true products that will save Utahans the most money over time, we sell and maintain solar products engineered in Germany, but produced in the United States. With decades of R&D, our solar panels are the best for Utah climate and they come at $0 down!

With German-engineered solar power products from Go Solar Group, you can:

  • boost your local economy with your support of a growing industry
  • protect yourself against energy rate changes
  • achieve financial and personal security

Why Go Solar Group is Utah’s Battery Backup Authority

Most people stay connected to the grid when they purchase a residential solar system. Although this may seem counter-intuitive, there is actually a logical reason for it.

With the expense of battery backup has emerged the net meter. This meter allows you to get power from the grid when the sun isn’t out.

Solar arrays are designed to compensate for this so that you will get credited the average amount of power you pull from the grid according to your city and state’s net metering clauses. Net metering is meant to help people afford solar now so they can upgrade later when backup solutions become cheaper.

The problem is that not all solar arrays are compatible with battery backup. Go Solar Group has gone the extra mile by only installing systems that are compatible with battery backup. We also feel that you deserve security now. Which is why we offer several emergency backup options.

Go Solar Group Backup Options:

  • Tesla Battery Backup
  • Home Integration Kit (coupling solar with Goal Zero generators)
  • Secure Power Supply

An emergency backup system allows you to have power when the grid is down. Because most solar homes are still connected to the grid their power is turned off when there is a problem with the grid. You, however, would be able to power your refrigerator and other appliances during the outage.

Solar Makes Sense in Utah

As Utahans, we respect clean air and healthy recreation. However, because we are in a valley, smog will stay until cleared out by a good storm. Over the years, more pollution has found its way into the Salt Lake Valley, hindering our health and activity. Our solution: cost-effective and environmentally friendly power; solar power for every Utah property.

Here is the solar energy potential Utah provides:

  • a high average of solar hours each day, meaning more kilowatts generated every day
  • a longer sun-filled season throughout the year, providing sunlight to your solar panels year-round
  • an effective environment for supporting alternative energy

If you’re hoping for an ideal situation for installing solar panels on your Utah home or property, look no further. Whether you live up north or down south, Utah solar panels are still worth the investment.


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