Utah Solar Panel Quotes: Finding the Best Ones Quickly

Utah Solar Panel Quotes
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Knowing where to look for a solar panel quote in the state of Utah can be challenging. This first step to getting a quality quote it understanding how solar companies find customers.

How the Solar Sales Process Works in Giving Solar Panel Quotes


Most solar companies get their customers through lead source companies. Lead source companies gauge interest. They then give the interested customer’s information to several solar vendors.

Unfortunately, sometimes the customer didn’t request the information. Other times they aren’t informed that more than one solar company was going to call them.

This can result in solar prospects getting over contacted. Making sure you know when you are being contacted by a lead source company can help clear up this confusion.  

Determine if You are Dealing with a Lead Source Company

There are two main ways in which lead source companies gather potential customers. Either you responded to an online ad or you received an unanticipated solar call.

After you give your information each solar company may only call once or twice in a day. The problem is that when you times two calls by four companies that’s eight calls in a day.

When you aren’t expecting four companies to call this is overkill. You, however, are now aware of this an can use their system to your advantage.

One Workaround: Using the Solar Calls to Your Advantage


If you get contacted about solar, use this opportunity to ask your questions and get a free quote. Don’t settle on a company until you have compared all your quotes. This will allow you to gain the most out of the experience.

There are tons of solar companies in Utah, so going with the first one that gives you a bid may not be your best option. Getting quotes from multiple companies will allow you to see what is best for you.

Other Ways to Get Utah Solar Panel Quotes

The best way to look at solar options is by talking to friends and family that have had a good experience with solar. Often times these discussions can provide a more accurate insight. People, however, don’t always know someone that already has solar.

Where to Start Your Solar Search

If you aren’t sure where to start, you can look at company review sites such as Energy Sage or Better Business Bureau. They have a plethora of honest reviews and companies you can peruse through at your leisure. Social media and websites for solar companies also give a better idea of the quality of the company.

Once you have found your top solar companies, you can often contact them to set up a quote. Setting a quote up through their website means that they will be the only one that contacts you. To check out Go Solar Group reviews you can go to our Solar Reviews page.

Getting an In-Person Quote


Most think of salespeople as pushy and don’t have any desire to deal with them. Not all solar companies, however, encourage high-pressure sales. For instance, Go Solar Group’s motto is to help people become aware of their solar energy options.

Determining Sales Objectives Before Your In-Person Quote

You can gauge the company sales philosophy when you go to set up your Utah solar quote. The appointment setter should give you a good idea of the company’s purpose and objectives.

Advantages to Getting an In-Person Quote

An advantage to having a solar consultant come to your home is that they can explain their proposal. Getting an in-person quote gives you a chance to get a better feel for the company.

They will give you a rundown of their company and your quote. You also have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have.

Why People Don’t Get Quotes Over the Phone

The reason why quotes aren’t given over the phone or online is that they are specific to your home. Each home has different energy needs. These needs hinge on usage patterns of the people living in the home and the area you want to put the panels on.

What to Look For in a Solar Quote


Each Utah solar panel quote is going to be a little different. However, when you get a quote each company should tell you these three things:

  • How many panels they feel you will need to meet your energy needs
  • The interest rate and term of the loan they can offer
  • When you will break even with your electricity company

Find Quality Solar Products

Make sure to ask what type of panels and inverter they are using. Asking questions about the companies products will allow you to accurately compare prices.

Look at the spec sheets for their product brands and the product reviews. This will allow you to determine the right solar company for you.

A Loan With a Low Rate

Each solar company is going to give you a bit of a different interest rate and loan term. What loan options you have will depend on the solar company and your financial situation.

Most solar companies will set up a loan that is about 25 years in duration. Go Solar Group’s loans are between 12 to 15 years while still enabling you to go solar for zero down.

You also have to determine if you are going to own or lease your array. We have found that owning the system provides better long-term savings for individuals.

Making sure that you know what type of system you are getting and the rate and term of your loan is very important. One bid may seem like the better option at first, but after further investigation may not be what you were thinking.

When You Will Break Even Matters

The point at which you will break even with your electric company may vary from one solar company to the next. One reason why breaking even could be different is that the loan term and financing are different. Another reason is that the system costs more.

When you will break even with each company will help you make the best choice. Go Solar Group offers low-interest short-term loans. We also have referral programs which allow people to break even faster.

Time to Make a Decision on Your Utah Solar Panels


Once you have your quotes, you are ready to make a decision. Look at all your options and determine what matters most to you. This will help you to determine which company is the best fit for you.


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