The Ethical Arguments for Utah Solar Energy

Utah Clean Energy
The benefits of having solar for your Utah home

Solar energy is not just an environmental push. Other ethical arguments support it too. Take a look at how solar is influencing the world. 

Solar Generates Energy Independence for Utahans

The American dream is one of comfort and sustainability. Most look forward to this at retirement; they work their whole lives to achieve this goal. One of the ways you can achieve this dream is through investing in solar technology.

Solar Gives you One Less Bill

When you are stuck with a fixed income you have to live on lower income with the same living expenses. This can cause a lot of pressure on family members to pitch in and provide.
The prepared retiree has planned for the future. The best way to prepare is by paying off debts like homes, credit cards and cars before retirement. Solar allows you to increase your preparedness by providing 25 plus years of energy.

Escape Electric Rate Increases with Solar

A big reason why solar is able to save you money is that power companies continue to hike up their rates. You could be going out of your way to save electricity to no avail because the rates have gone up.
Getting solar completely eliminates this problem. You have a set price that you pay for the system and then it lasts for the next 25 to 40 years.
Once your system is paid off you no longer have payments. You can now remove electricity from your list of essential life-long bills.

Power No Matter Your Location

Another issue that arises for retirees is getting electricity to their vacation homes. If you want a cabin in the woods, getting power lines to your home can be a very expensive and intrusive process. Getting a solar array with battery backup is a great way to avoid destroying nature while not compromising your lifestyle.

A Cause Worth Investing in

Another reason why solar is a cause worth investing in is the economic impact. You are not only investing in your environment, but in local and global employment.

Scalable Economic Impact for Utah and Africa

When you purchase a solar array you are providing employment to your neighbors and friends. In 2018 SEIA reported that 6,170 jobs in Utah were solar related.
This impact is not just for Utah though. If you get solar through Go Solar Group part of the money goes toward helping people in Africa

Setting an Example for the Next Generation

Our children learn by example. Toddlers often mimic the activities they have seen their parents do. Such as vacuuming or mowing the lawn.
As life goes on and children develop, their parent’s ideals start to influence them as well. If you want to be a light for growth and progression for the future generation you need to do more than talk the talk. Taking action on the things you believe in will inspire your posterity to do the same.

Innovation as a Whole Depends on Solar-power

Technology developed for one purpose almost always has several other applications. Taking the next step to a better future depends on developing technology that will allow us to see the future through.

Sustaining Larger Populations

One and a half billion people lack electricity. But providing power to remote villages is now possible through solar powered micro-grid. Micro-grids provide continuous power to small villages or towns.
The concept behind this idea is great, but the implementation of it is still in the works. It is currently very expensive to create a micro grid. Supporting the solar industry, however, encourages the development of similar innovations.

Positive Impact Of Solar On Other Fields Of Research And Business

Harnessing the power of the sun has had several implications. You can now light up your garden with solar lights, heat your pool and power your home.
Solar doesn’t stop here though. Those who are in the recycling industry have seen a huge need and are working on responding to the call. 
As time goes on, solar technology will continue to improve. The implementation of solar is limitless. When your source of power is as long-lasting as the sun, investing in it is a no-brainer.


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