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solving the world's problems with solar

The world is filled with problems. If an individual were to look around, they would be sure to find more things needing improvement than things that are already perfect.

Those who find ways to solve these issues are the ones who will make the world a better place. Groups of people are working together to solve problems.

Some of these groups are students and professors at well-known universities. Others are determined high school students.

DIY Girls and Solar Powered Homeless Shelters

People are only as limited as they allow themselves to be. Creativity and innovation are what helps solve problems. This group of high school girls did just that.

They didn’t allow their situation, age, or gender to hold them back. They saw a need and worked to make their solution possible.

Work like this is commendable. Which is why we want to highlight this team of motivated young women and the work that they did.

See a Need, Fill the Need

In Los Angeles, the number of homeless people has increased significantly. Today there are 49,276 homeless individuals. Of this number, 13,000 of them are living on the street with no form of shelter.

A group of local high school girls saw this staggering need and came up with an ingenious solution. This solution, however, was something that would require funding and experience that these girls didn’t have.

Thankfully there are wonderful organizations that promote good ideas. After getting funding from the DIY Girls, they proceeded to make the dream of the solution a reality.

Solar Energy Was the Answer

The solution these girls came up with wasn’t an easy one to identify. However, after watching several YouTube videos and a process of trial and error, they made a great product.

Together these girls figured out how to make a solar tent that converts into a roll-away backpack.  Their tent has button-powered lights as well as USB and micro USB ports; all of which are powered with the sun.

For this problem solar was the answer. This, however, isn’t the only instance when solar has been used for an out-of-the-box purpose.

Other Solar Powered Solutions

Many other creative minds have also seen issues in the world around them. Like these girls, they have worked hard and found solar powered solutions.

These issues that solar has helped reduce range from improved public garbage cans to gathering water from the air we breathe. There isn’t a problem too big that hasn’t been tackled in some way.

Below are some more examples of how solar power played a role in innovative changes.

Solar Powered Wi-Fi Garbage Bins

Bigbelly is a recycling and waste company that saw the need for a better waste system. Their recycling/garbage bins have solar-powered Wi-Fi, compactors, and cloud storage. This technology allows the cans to hold more and send a notification when it is full.

Third World Solar Powered Internet Cafe

The non-profit Computer Aid has brought the internet and computers to underdeveloped communities. They have done this with the help of the invention of the ZubaBox.

This is a solar powered computer lab. These solar learning labs teach the skill sets needed to succeed and help the community.   

Solar Powered Water Filters and Pumps

Clean water is a real problem for many third world communities. However, with the invention of the solar powered water filter, this could be a thing of the past.

Another water problem that solar can help with is water pumps. Solar powered water pumps allow these areas to access groundwater in a clean effective way.

Clean Water Straight From the Air

How about when there isn’t a water source nearby? The invention of the Fontus has solved this issue.

The Fontus is a water bottle that collects air. With the help of solar, the water in the air is harvested.

Storing the Sun for Later

One of the problems with solar panels is that they don’t store the energy they produce for later. However, with the help of a solar charged battery, this energy is now accessible for on-demand use.

There are several different sizes of battery backup out there. No matter the situation there is a battery that will fit the need.

Solar Powered Cooking

Cooking with fire is the main mode of cooking for many impoverished communities. The problem is that this isn’t a very clean form of cooking.

The Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Environment at the University of Illinois took on this task. They created a solar-powered cooking device that maintains traditional cooking methods.

Paying it Forward with Your Solar Installation

One of the main ways that individuals use solar is to power their homes. This is great, but it can be even better. Those who get solar through Go Solar Group are also helping others get solar via our Give Solar program.

Paying solar forward goes beyond the individual that is also getting solar. It helps community health as well.

You can make the world a better place when you purchase solar. You can make it even better when you purchase it through Go Solar Group.

Go Solar Group’s Give Solar Program

Go Solar Group is unique from other solar companies. This is because its founders started the company out of a need they saw while on a humanitarian mission in Zambia.

After starting the charity, Go Solar International, Go Solar Group was created to help prime the pump via residential solar installations in the United States. Go Solar Group uses a portion of each system sold to fund a micro-loan in Uganda. With these loans, Ugandans are able to purchase solar products for their homes.

These micro-loans have provided solar products to elementary schools, orphanages and families. It is a source of income for female entrepreneurs and increases study hours available to children, and general health in the area.

Learning About 1heart1mind

Go Solar International was re-packaged as the non-profit 1heart1mind in 2018. 1heart1mind still facilitates solar product microloans. However, it also has other projects that it facilitates.

The most recent project this non-profit completed was the construction of an orphanage. They are currently in the process of creating and implementing on-site water access for these children.

You can also make a difference when you purchase your solar array through Go Solar Group. Get your free customized quote today.


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