5 Health Benefits Of Going Solar

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health benefits of solar panels

Health is an important part of life. If we aren’t healthy, we can’t enjoy life or perform normal daily activities. Here are five ways in which you can improve health with your solar installation.

1. Using Solar to Preserve Nature

As areas continue to become more industrialized vegetation and wildlife is displaced. As cities continue to grow they require more energy to run them. This means removing even more wildlife—unless you use solar.

Utilizing Unused Space with Rooftop Solar

Generation facilities usually take up large amounts of space. And if there is a growing population the facility becomes even larger. Solar, however, is not nearly as obtrusive as other energy sources.

The panel’s relatively small size makes it easy to put solar in places that aren’t being utilized. Carports and rooftops are ideal for solar installations.

You can also install solar on most roof-types. As a result, many business and homeowners have installed solar.

Integration of Ground Mounts with Agriculture

Large energy demand requires more space than a typical roof can provide. This is the case for utilities and often farmers that want to use solar as an energy source. However, the land that is most ideal for ground mounts is often farmland.

To see if dual-use farming is doable, Fraunhofer, Institute For Solar Energy Systems, recently installed an array above a local farm. Although more testing is needed, this experiment has provided hope for solar and agriculture collaboration in the future.  

Because the solar panels were high off the ground normal farming equipment was still usable. The plants directly under the shade of the panels had less than 20 percent stunted growth than the reference plot. In fact, one crop, clover grass, only produced 5.3 percent less.

Promoting the Pollinator Population with Solar Ground Mounts

Another way you can increase farm productivity is by increasing pollinator health. Some have put plants indigenous to pollinators under their solar farms. These plants increase pollenature health and pollination of surrounding crops.

2. Reducing Air Pollutants That are Warming our Planet

Although, there are other renewable energy sources; solar is one of the fastest growing renewables. Across the globe, many have come to the conclusion that solar is the answer to climate change.

Solar Can Create a Positive Cycle

One of the reasons why solar energy will help our environment is the photovoltaic positive cycle.  Every solar array displaces some fossil fuel use—this decreases urban haze.

When inversion isn’t blocking the sun from the solar panels they are able to produce more energy. Less pollution permits photovoltaic systems to produce at their optimum capacity; creating a beautiful cycle of even more clean air.

3. Reducing Respiratory Diseases with Improved Air Quality

Air quality can seriously damage a population’s health. However, the increased use of renewable technology, such as solar, can reduce respiratory problems.

Decrease Allergic Reactions with Solar

Many people today have seasonal allergies. These reactions have increased in areas where pollution is prevalent. Although it has not been proven that pollution causes allergies poor air is an agitator.

Those who invest in solar are taking air quality into their own hands. They are contributing to the decrease in electric utility pollutants. This will, in turn, reduce the amount and severity of allergic reactions in your area.

4. Increased Solar Installations May Decrease Depression Levels

We’ve all heard a breath of fresh air can do a lot of good, but did you know it can affect your happiness as well?  A Yale study in 2017 found a relationship between hedonistic happiness and pollution. This is the relationship of happiness to pleasure and pain.

It seems that your mood, at least partially, is dependent on the quality of your air.  Although a bit daunting, you need not despair. You can make a difference today and for future generations with the installation of solar.

5. Solar Promotes Longevity

As stated above pollution can increase breathing problems. This could cause people with respiratory issues and low functioning immune systems to die sooner than expected. Often, infants and aged individuals are affected the most.

Although one solar array isn’t going to make a difference; the combined effort of concerned citizens will impact the earth. When you choose to purchase solar you are choosing to make the world a better place.


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