5 Green Resolutions to Make in the New Year

Sustainable Living

The New Year is a time to make goals for self-improvement and the world around you. While going green may seem like a daunting task, there are simple steps you can take to make your world a little greener by 2020.

1. Switch to Reusable Water Bottles and Straws

One of the simplest ways to stay green is to drink from reusable water bottles. Many public buildings have installed water fountains that easily refill water bottles to encourage their use.

If water bottles aren’t your thing stainless steel insulated cups are popular. Everyone seems to have at least one of them and they are great at maintaining the tempurautre of your beverage.

Reusable straws have also gained a lot of hype. California recently started banning plastic straws. And the San Antonio Zoo has also raised awareness by asking local businesses to refrain from using plastic straws.

2. Shop Your Farmer’s Market

When you go shopping it is easy to pick up a bag of frozen food but is this the best choice? Supporting your local farmer’s market helps promote sustainable living.

When you buy from the farmers market you can be sure that all the food is organic and local. Your purchase is supporting the local economy and cleaner farming practices.

When you support these farmers’ lively hood you are also protecting their land. Often, when small farms can’t sell their crops, they have to give up their land. This means that either the land will be developed or large cooperations will take charge.    

3. Find New Ways to Get Around

How we decide to travel from one place to the next is vital to living green. Our transportation sector contributes to 30 percent of US global warming emissions. Cars and trucks account for almost one-fifth of all US emissions.

Cities and states have become increasingly aware of this problem. As a result, they have come up with several alternative transportation methods.

You can now rent electric scooters and e-bikes allowing individuals to travel short distances a little faster. Carpool lanes and both electric and hybrid public transportation have also increased.

If you find driving your own car more convenient, hybrid and electric vehicles are another green option. Using cleaner fuels will also help; when burned these fuels produce fewer emissions.    

4. Switch Your Home or Business to Solar

In 2016 US electricity made up 28 percent of the emissions emitted from our economic sectors. Of the electric sector residential and commercial customers composed 32 percent of emissions. One of the best ways to reduce or replace fossil fuel powered electricity is to install solar.

Individuals that have solar arrays replace or offset their use of fossil fuels.  However, when you get solar for your home or business you do more than reduce your carbon footprint —you save money.

Solar Allows You to Save Money

When you purchase solar there are several incentives that make it less expensive. You could be saving thousands of dollars in electric bills over the lifetime of your photovoltaic system.

Increase Sustainable Living with Solar

Solar promotes stainable living by allowing you to produce your own power. With the power of the sun, individuals have more control over energy production.

When you acquire solar through Go Solar Group, you are also giving solar to others in need. A portion of every solar array that Go Solar Group sales go towards helping people in Africa.

5. Replace your Light Bulbs and/or Switch to Smart Home Tech

If you want to take green living a step further take a look at how your energy is being consumed. Replacing energy-hogging appliances lights and cooling/heating systems makes a huge difference.

The best time to replace large appliances is when they are about to die. You, however, don’t need to wait to replace your light bulbs. In fact, it makes the most economic sense to invest in LEDs as soon as possible.    

Another way you can improve your energy consumption is by investing in smart home tech. Smart thermostats allow you to control your home’s cooling and heating from anywhere. It also makes it easy to adjust your home to eco-friendly settings.


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