Solar Systems for Sale in Reno NV: FAQs and Answers

solar systems for sale in Reno NV
Reno NV solar panels for sale

Solar arrays for sale in Reno will save you money on your electric bills. The problem is that not everyone can get solar. It’s something everyone wants, but not everyone qualifies for it. 

What Makes Your Reno Home a Good Fit For Solar?

Sadly, not every home is a good fit for solar. There are a couple of different factors that go into assessing whether solar is a good option for you.

Home Ownership: Does It Matter?

One of that largest drawbacks for those that want solar is home ownership. Because you are installing a system to your roof or property you need to own the home and land it is on.

Many landlords are hesitant to get solar because of the risk associated with it.  They are the ones that are taking out the loan. If the renter moves out and no one moves in they are the ones that have to eat the solar bill.

On the other hand, getting solar for a rental can also be a source of income. If a landlord gets solar paid off, the payment that the tenant pays goes straight to them.

Qualifications for Federal Tax Credits

When it comes to getting solar, the federal tax credits make a huge difference. The federal tax credit discounts solar by 30%.

Because this is a tax credit you need to owe taxes for it to work. If you are working you owe taxes on your paychecks. Solar tax credits can reduce these taxes. If you don’t owe enough taxes this credit will carry over until you have used the full amount of the credit.

Shade Can Be Good and Bad

Everyone likes to cool off in the shade. Panels, however, need the sun to produce an electric current. If you have trees that shade your roof you may have to trim them back.

Large Appliances Effect on Your Power

The type of appliances in your home makes a big difference. If you have several fridges in your home, you will use more power than if you only have one.

The same goes for homes that have swimming pools. A swimming pool uses quite a bit of energy to filter the water. If you have a heated pool it costs even more to run.

Not all homes use enough energy to qualify for solar. In order for both you and the solar company to benefit, you need to use a minimum amount of energy. If your home is under this minimum usage adding electric appliances can raise it.

Is a DIY Install Worth It in Nevada?

DIY projects have become very popular as of late. People look at Youtube videos and attempt projects professionals have trained for.

In some cases, this is may not be a bad idea. For solar, however, you could cause a lot of damage if you don’t do it right.

What Goes Into a Solar Installation

Getting solar installed is more complicated than putting in a few screws. Before you can get solar you need a home assessment. This will tell the installer the space they have to work with, the angle of your roof, and roof durability.

The angle of your panels is one of the most complicated factors. Solar installers need to measure several different angels. Having a panel that is off could cause a dramatic decrease in the energy it produces.

After determining the panel angle wiring your panels is pretty significant. If you mess this up you could cause damage to your panels and home.

Difference Between DIY and Full-Service Installer

On the other hand, when you hire a full-service installer to take care of your solar array, you don’t have to worry. Solar installations require people to be trained on how to do specific tasks. No one person can do it all on their own.

If you want to go through the headache of installing your panels and doing the paperwork on your own, you can. We feel that you deserve better, though, (at least if you feel forced to do it yourself). Don’t make solar harder than it needs to be.

What to Look for in a Reno Solar Installer

Getting a quality system from a trusted installer will ensure your system is safe. There are a couple of things that you will want to look for when you look for an installer.


The NABCEP’s goal is to raise the solar industry’s standard and promote trust. You will want to make sure that the installation crew has been NABCEP-certified.

Strong BBB rating

The BBB rates business on their ability to provide for their customers. The Better Business Bureau has 7 rating elements and 13 rating points. You will want to make sure that the solar company has a good rating.

Solar Staff That Knows Their Stuff

As a solar installer, they should be knowledgeable about solar and all the aspects that go into it. If the company doesn’t know what they are talking about, that’s a big red flag. All staff should be able to help you with your questions or point you in the right direction.

Backup Options

Backup options give you more freedom. Backup is any sort of power supply that supplements your solar panels. Going with a company that has backup options will allow you to power your essentials when the grid is down.

Not all solar arrays can connect with battery backup. If the company does battery backup installations you will have the choice to go off grid.
If you would like to learn more, Go Solar Group can help you. After filling out a short survey about your home we will set up a free in-person consultation.


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