When Purchasing Battery Backup is a Good Option

solar panels and battery backup

There are many reasons to purchase battery backup. However, if someone uses the wrong backup option, it can lead to a negative experience with the product.

Battery backup is a great tool; it helps people meet their energy needs.
Finding a battery backup that fits the energy needs of the situation is necessary.

Here are some things to consider before purchasing a battery backup.

 Determining Energy Needs

There are several different backup batteries out there. Which one to use depends on the size of the battery and the needs of the person.

Many different factors make a quality battery. However, two of these factors stand out.

The first factor that stands out is how long the battery will last. The second is the amount of energy the customer needs.

How Long is Battery Backup On?

There are different types of batteries. Even batteries that claim the same size and type have differences.

There are three different functions of a battery that help determine how long a charge will last. These include depth of discharge, usable energy/capacity and max continuous power.

Depth of discharge is the point at which the battery needs charging. Usable capacity is the amount of energy that a battery can discharge before it needs charging. Max continuous power, or the maximum continuous discharge current, is the most that a battery can put out over a long period.

How Much Energy Used Matters

Choosing a battery with immense energy capacity seems like the obvious choice. However, this isn’t always the case.

High capacity home batteries are best for those that want to power their entire home. However, not everyone wants this.

Some customers only want enough power to help them during an outage. Others want portable power.

 Solar Powered Battery Backup Options

Solar arrays can’t store excess power, which is why Go Solar Group has made battery backup their forte. At Go Solar Group, customers can choose from three levels of battery backup.

Each level uses high-quality batteries. However, they meet different energy needs.

These options make battery backup a solution for almost every need.

Battery Backup for a Home

Home batteries have enough capacity to power an entire home. However, the number of home batteries needed depends on the home.

Emergency Battery Backup Power

During an outage, having emergency battery backup makes a world of difference. How much power needed during an outage, however, is dependent on the essential load of the home.

An essential load is the devices that need power during an outage. For a home, this includes freezers, refrigerators, medical devices and the garage door. Others include some lights and charging a couple of electronics on their necessity list.

Portable Battery Backup

While some escape from electronics by going camping, others enjoy the convenience these devices provide. For the latter group, portable battery backup is a must-have.

Potable battery backup, however, isn’t only used during camping. It can provide power during any off-grid activity. This increases the range of activities an individual can do off-grid.

Best Backup Battery for Solar

The best backup battery for a solar home is one that can take over with ease when the power goes out. This is why all of Go Solar Group’s battery backup options can integrate with the home.

While the home battery we install, the Powerwall, transitions without having to do anything. The other two battery backup options only require the flip of a switch.

Which of the options to choose depends on the needs of the homeowner. The best way to determine your needs is by scheduling an in-person appointment with one of our solar consultants.


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