Reno Nevada Solar Warranty Must-Knows

Solar Panel Warranties
Reno NV solar panel warranties

Quality solar energy warranties ensure your Reno system is in prime condition. Knowledge of warranties will help you choose a solar array that will last.   

Solar Warranties to Look for In Reno Nevada

Manufacturer warranties are extremely important. Without these warranties, malfunctioning equipment wouldn’t get replaced. Or they would, but it would come out of your pocket.

Service Warranty

A service warranty is also known as the equipment or product warranty. This covers material and workmanship defects within the warranty timeline. This type of warranty lasts between 10 to 20 years. Axitec panels used to have a 12-year warranty. They have had 17 years of quality workmanship and minimal complaints.  They recently increased this warranty to 15 years in March of 2018.

Production Warranty: Annual vs. Linear

Production warranties guarantee the product will perform within a time frame. If there isn’t damage to the panel this warranty will replace a panel if it is under producing.

Production Warranty Length

Because solar panels are rated to last up to 25 years these warranties are the same. The difference is that some warranties are for lower production at the end of the 25 years than others.

There are also two different types of production warranties. Which warranty you get will also make a difference.

Annual Warranty

Annual warranties guarantee a percentage of their rated power at the end of each year. If your panel is below the rating for that year the manufacturer will replace the panel.

Linear Warranty

Linear warranties have percentages throughout the year that they have to meet. This means that if during the year you are below the rating for that day then you can get it your panel replaced. The Axitec solar panel that Go Solar Group uses has a 25-year linear warranty on it. It guarantees 97% after the first year, 90% after 15 years, and 85% of its original output after 25 years.

Warranty Insurance

Warranty insurance covers the panels if the manufacturer goes out of business. Manufactures need warranty insurance before providing panels for large-scale projects. If the manufacturer hasn’t done any large projects check for warranty insurance.

Solar Inverter Warranty

Inverters are a key ingredient to a solar array. Inverters convert the direct current produced by the panels to usable alternating current. Getting an inverter with a quality warranty will ensure your array lasts longer. Most inverters have a 10-year warranty. Each company has different things that it will and won’t cover. In 2015 Home Power Magazine stated that the average inverter lasts over 14 years. The expectation is that as technology continues to improve so will longevity.

Special capacitors now in micro-inverters help them last longer. These inverters, however, haven’t been on the market long enough to say how much longer they will last. Go Solar Group prefers to use the SMA Sunny Boy inverters. These inverters come with either a 5-year or 10-year warranty depending on the model.  SMA will replace or repair your inverter depending on the time and type of malfunction.

Nevada Solar Installer Warranties

Installation warranties are from the solar installer. This type of warranty ensures coverage of any damages caused by the installation. Not all solar companies have a written installation warranty. This, however, doesn’t mean they won’t fix the mistakes they made. A good way to know if the company will cover damages they have caused is their insurance policy. Go Solar Group’s insurance will cover one million dollars.

Solar Panel Effects on Reno Homeowners Insurance

There are some that have concerns about how solar panels will affect their insurance. Homeowners insurance has saved many families from paying for damage to their home. The question is whether solar panels are considered part of your home. According to Allstate, most standard home insurance policies cover residential solar. Photovoltaic systems will likely be under personal property coverage. Although homeowners insurance does cover personal property it might not cover it all. It is best to check your home insurance policy before you purchase solar to see what it will protect.

How Solar Equipment Degrades: The Effects This Has For Nevadans

It is important to note that all electronic equipment degrades. You can’t buy a phone or a computer and expect it to last forever. The same is true for your solar array. The good news is that there are few moving parts in a solar array which is why it will last at least 25 years. There are both things in and out of our control that will contribute to panel degradation.

The Environment’s Toll on Solar Panels

The environment is a big reason why solar panels don’t last as long. One of the main reasons behind degradation is thermal cycling. This is when the heating and cooling of a material. Solar panels have an optimal temperature that they will work best at. Although panels function at lower and higher temperatures it wears at the components. Damp heat will cause the panel to de-laminate and corrode the cells. Humidity freezing can cause the junction box adhesion to fail. Damp heat and humidity freezing are more of an issue for humid climates. Although the sun is the source of power it is also the cause of degradation. UV exposure causes discoloration and back sheet degradation.

What We Can Control

Transformerless inverters and cheap panels are two reasons for early deuteration. Taking a quick look at these will help you avoid these mistakes. A transformer regulates the current. An inverter without a transformer can create different voltages in the panel. This can cause current to leak and performance to decrease. Panels made with cheap materials are more likely to malfunction. If you have a panel with a thin frame, for instance, they are more likely to bend. When panels bend the cells and other components are more likely to break. If you would like to learn more about solar for your home our quick survey will help you get started.


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