What is Go Solar Group’s Mission?

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What makes Go Solar Group Unique?

Go Solar Group’s mission is to provide quality solar products and premier customer service. Our company blossomed from a desire to help others and today it continues to pursue that goal, albeit in a different way.

This company was founded in 2009 to provide clean solar energy in Uganda and improve education and safety of families. Go Solar Group has since expanded into the private sector, but still uses a portion of every American solar sale to fund its humanitarian relief projects in Uganda. 

Doing the Tough Jobs that Other Solar Companies Can’t

A lot of solar companies in the state of Utah don’t have the know-how and the expertise to complete the tough jobs. As a company with the customer in mind, we know that every situation is going to be a bit different. We want to help you reach your personal goals with the means that you have to do so.

Removal of Panels

Many solar companies don’t do their own installations and are therefore unable to remove panels efficiently after an install if you need to move residences or fix your roof. Because Go Solar group does their own installs, we are able to provide this service to our customers. This allows you to re-roof your home or move your panels to a new home with ease.

Customization – a Staple of the Utah Solar Experience

Because each home is unique, so is the solar array you will need. Some individuals need or want to use different components or brands than we use. Although we use high-quality German-engineered products we can obtain others if need be.  

Other individuals have homes with minimal sun exposure and need out-of-the-box solutions.  Go Solar Group provides custom solutions for the needs of all our solar projects.

Utah Solar Know-How

We have been in business since 2009 and have installed thousands of systems.  We have extensive experience and expertise in the solar field, from installation to product integration and optimization. 

We have professionals who are NABCEP certified, we have an A+ BBB rating in the state of Utah, and have a one million dollar insurance plan. We have solar contractor licenses for both Nevada and Utah, and we’ve expanded our market presence in a very short amount of time when compared to our competitors. 

We will give you the answers you seek and if we don’t have the answer, then we will find it for you. We want you to be as informed about the product you are investing in as possible, and we will stop at nothing to provide the expertise you need and desire. 

Ensure Energy Independence and Efficiency for Utah Homes

Solar is the road to energy independence and efficiency. When you purchase a solar system you are reducing your long-term electric costs. As a result, solar will allow you to have more financial freedom.

Those who invest in solar are also using less coal-powered energy. Solar power combined with energy efficient practices will help you and the environment.

Battery Backup Options for Utah Homes

As technology progresses in the Utah solar market, battery backup will become a more popular option, especially in conjunction with the recent 2017 net metering changes. In anticipation of this, eventually, we strive to make battery backup an option with every at-home solar array that is installed. 

Tesla Powerwall Provider

If your goal is to move as far away from the grid as possible, battery backup will allow you to achieve this freedom. Go Solar Group is a certified Tesla Power Wall Installer and is one of the few solar companies to have this licensure.

Emergency Solar Backup

For many, getting battery back-up for their entire energy needs isn’t a possibility. In response to this issue, Go Solar Group has the solutions to mitigate the energy loss that occurs here. These systems are still grid-tied, but when the grid goes down you are able to power your basics.

Healthy, Connected Homes

We care about what makes your life easier. Having a home that is using the sun instead of coal-based energy means a healthy and happier you. It also means the same set of benefits for your neighbors and those in your community. One of Go Solar Group’s founding objectives is to provide a renewable energy standard for the generation that will follow us, which includes your children and grandchildren. 

We understand that today’s society relies on technology more than ever before. A power outage should never sever you from the power you need at both basic and complex levels of electricity consumption. That’s why we provide backup options and work to advance not just solar, but clean energy consumption and home energy efficiency, too.

Overthrowing Energy Poverty and Providing Educational Opportunity

When Go Solar Group first started, its goal was to give solar to the underprivileged from residential solar installs completed in the state of Utah. We wanted to give others the opportunity to become self-reliant, safe, and sustainable via their homes–which should be havens from the world. 

With the creation of Go Solar International, our dream has become a reality. Through our Give Solar Africa program Go Solar Group uses a portion of their sales to fund microloans. These loans have provided solar power to schools and families in Uganda.

As of 2018, there have been 2,869 solar lights provided. This number is equivalent to 17,472 people reached by solar. With 15,725 of these people living below the poverty line of $1.25 a day.

Getting solar to these individuals has provided 4,417,345 extra hours of study time for children. 13,247 people have experienced better health as a result of 5,566 kerosene lamps that are now packed away.  These families have saved 6 percent of their income by investing in solar lights, which can now be used for items like food, clothing, and education. 

Full-Service Solar Company

Let Go Solar Group take care of all your solar needs. From start to finish, we will be there. 

Benefits of Using a Full-service Company

As a full-service company, we are here to take care of all the details so you don’t need to; we want you to experience the benefits of going solar in Utah, and leave the hassle to us! Getting the paperwork for permits and tax credits can be a pain, and that’s why we do it for you. Using a full-service company means the assurance of a job well done with no hassle on your part.


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