6 Ways To Bring Solar Lighting Into The Home

Solar Energy
light up your home with solar

Lighting your home can get expensive fast. That’s why many people turn off the lights when they leave a room or at least when they leave the house. If, however, you implement solar lighting you don’t have to worry about your electric bill.

6. Solar Powered String Lights

Solar powered christmas lights are one way to save a pretty penny. Although Christmas lights are only used a couple months of the year, they can drain your pocketbook.

When you get solar powered string lights though you don’t have to worry about paying for that extra power. During the day these lights gather energy from the sun; then at night, they turn on. You can also be creative with your string solar lights; and use them to light up dance parties or your back porch.

5. Solar Garden Lights

Garden lights are another way for you to utilize the sun. These lights are put in gardens to light up the garden or a path at night.

One of the best parts of solar garden lights is that they are easy to install. All you need to do is find a sunny spot; then, push the stake on the bottom of the light into the dirt.

4. Solar-powered Spotlights

Solar powered spot lights produce the same amount of light as a 40-watt bulb. This isn’t nearly as much as you would get from a regular spotlight, but if you use multiple it will do the trick.

You can use a solar powered spotlight to light up a specific aspect of the yard at night. Solar motion sensor spotlights are perfect next to doors and driveways.

3. Solar Lantern

Solar lanterns look like a regular camping lantern, but instead of batteries, you use the sun to power it.  Go Solar Group helps people in Africa purchase solar lanterns. These lights replace harmful Kerosene lamps that are typically used.

2. Emergency Light Bulb Kits

In an emergency, you can use solar light bulb kits. These kits power a couple of lights in the house from a larger solar panel placed in a sunny spot outside. These are considered emergency lighting because they aren’t wired into your home.  

1. Photovoltaic Panels: Power your Home and your Lights

When you install a photovoltaic system on your roof, you power your lights and your home. Acquiring residential solar is the best option for those that want to save money on their electric bill.

Like all the other solar lighting options you need sunlight in order to harness the energy of the sun. Homes that have large amounts of unshaded south-facing space are best for residential solar.


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