Certified Solar Companies in Reno Nevada: Designations to Look for

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Nevada Solar Installer Designations and Certifications to Look For

Understanding solar designations will guide you to a qualified/reputable and certified Nevada solar company. If you want a quality install, you need to make sure your chosen solar company has the certifications to make it possible.

NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners)

NABCEP stands for North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. Their goal is to raise renewable energy standards across all forms of energy development: from wind to solar. Their standards hold credential holders to high ethical and professional practice expectations.

Any contractor or Reno solar installer touting this designation on their website or for their employees is bound to be professional. Make sure that the company from whom you are considering getting your panels from has contractors/employees who are certified under the PV Installation credentials from NABCEP. It may be worthwhile to ask how many of the workers and installers for the company actually hold this designation before asking for a no-obligation Reno solar quote

The Responsibility of a NABCEP-certified Installer

NABCEP has a twenty-page accreditation handbook. Each certified installer has to comply with these standards.

You should expect a company with certified employees to provide a competent and timely service. Certified companies are required to have accurate representations of the training and qualifications of their employees. They should also give you accurate information about the products and service fees that come with PV installation. 

Look for a Contractor’s License Number

Nevada requires all contractors and installers maintaining and installing solar to get licensed. This license is issued by the Department of Business and Industry for the state of Nevada. 

PV installers need to submit an application to the Division of Industrial Relations. To get their license they also have to pay a fee and pass a division proctored or approved test.

Because the law requires licensing, your installer needs a valid contractor license number. Not having one could mean problems down the road.

Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer

Not all homes that have solar arrays are compatible with battery back up. This can create a problem if you decide that you want battery backup down the road.

Only Tesla or a Tesla Certified Installer can install and set up a Powerwall. If you are wanting battery backup, there are other options, but so far Tesla is still ahead of the game.

Getting your photovoltaic system through a certified Tesla Powerwall installer ensures compatibility should you choose to install battery backup. Although battery backup may not be in your current plans, prices will go down.

When battery backup becomes an affordable option, we don’t want you to miss out because of your solar array configuration. All of Go Solar Group’s installations are backup compatible. We also offer affordable emergency backup options.

Insurance – Up to $1 Million

Accidents happen and when they do life becomes far more complicated than anticipated. That’s why it is good to make sure that the solar company you are working with has a good insurance policy. A quality insurance policy will cover the costs if something goes awry.

General Liability Insurance

Your solar installer should at least have general liability insurance. This policy will help pay for property damage and injury to third parties. While this is a valuable thing for any business to have, it especially matters for solar in the state of Nevada, because many homes require complex installs. 

Common Things That Aren’t Included

There are some things that aren’t included in general liability insurance. Most General Liability Insurance policies do not cover moisture-related issues. They also often don’t cover work that is under the temporary control of a contractor or completed by a subcontractor.

One way to avoid this possible hassle is to go with a full-service solar installer like Go Solar Group. Having one company handle all portions of the installation means they will hold themselves to a higher degree of accountability. 

You will want to make sure you know what type of insurance your Reno solar installation company has. If they contract out work, that could make possible issues more complicated. If you do decide to use a solar company that contracts its work, make sure you know what insurance their contractors and subcontractors have.

The best way to avoid this stress is by using a full-service company. This will allow you to sleep soundly at night because the entire installation will be under the jurisdiction and responsibility of a single entity. Go Solar Group has an insurance policy that covers up to one million dollars.


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