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A lot of hype surrounds increasing energy efficiency, some cities and states have done something about it. Reno recognizes the importance of taking care of the earth, has implemented existing policies, and is working on new policies to further improve efficient energy use in the area.

As Reno citizens, we live in a state that not only believes in being good stewards, but also practices it. We know that to keep the earth, we need to treat it well, which means changing some bad habits and replacing them with better ones.

Most of these programs focus on commercial, industrial and multi-family buildings. However, this doesn’t mean the residential sector can’t glean nuggets and implement them into their energy-conscious behaviors.

The Definition of Energy Efficient

Individuals practice varying levels of energy efficiency. Some pay extra to utilities, so they can glean the benefits of renewable energy without thinking about it.

Others make a conscious effort to minimize their energy use so they can save on electricity. Regardless of the motivation, practicing energy efficiency has a positive impact, making its implementation commendable.

However, the third level of energy efficiency raises the bar. This level of energy efficiency combines both energy-efficient practices with renewable technology.

When energy-efficient practices and technologies combine, it increases the level of impact our efforts make. Let’s look at how Reno has combined technology with habit.

Energy Efficiency in the City of Reno

Energy efficiency has become a hot word in Reno, Nevada. As the city with one of the earliest reported springs, climate change has happened right before our eyes.

Climate Central reported in its early spring across America in 2020 article that Reno is one of few cities with an increasingly earlier springtime. While an early spring seems nice at first, it can have devastating consequences. Longer allergy seasons, larger bug infestations, and reduced plant pollination cover a few of the side effects Climate Central has cited as potential consequences of these changes.  

The city of Reno recently made efforts to increase energy efficiency, which will help decrease the city’s carbon footprint and reduce its contribution to climate change. One boost to this effort includes the Re-Energize Reno program. This program, and others like it, helps decrease energy consumption, which lowers utility bills and boosts the economy.   

Community ReEnergize Reno Program

ReEnergize Reno enlists local organizations in a city-wide effort to improve efficiency by 2025. Participants choose at least one building to increase energy efficiency by 20 percent. The city then tracks these buildings’ energy and water consumption through the ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager and helps the organization in its efforts to reach this goal.  

Reno Benchmarking and Transparency Ordinance

One way the city helps these organizations includes bench marking buildings’ performance. Reno’s bench marking and transparency ordinance targets the community’s largest buildings and sets benchmarks to help them decrease energy consumption so they can hit the city goals.      

How You Can Decrease Your Nevada Home’s Carbon Footprint

Commercial buildings account for 38 percent of Reno City’s emissions; one of the reasons targeting this sector occurred. However, each of us can still make a difference. A few ways to decrease a home’s carbon footprint include using renewable power, developing energy-efficient habits and updating appliances.

Decreasing Reno’s Pollution with Residential Solar

Residential solar allows homeowners to save more while helping the environment. The ROI of residential solar appeals to many, but they often don’t realize the extra savings that come after installing solar.

Post-solar Habits to Form

While someone doesn’t need solar to form positive post-solar energy-conscious habits, they have increased impact when paired with solar. Because of how solar panels work, high-energy appliances used during the day cost less for homeowners with solar. Individuals who set delay timers on loads of laundry and dishes or do these activities when home during the day use solar to power these appliances instead of the electricity from the grid.

Energy-efficient Equipment and Energy Star Homes

Energy-efficient equipment can also help decrease energy use, helping solar power go further. While it makes the most financial sense to upgrade to Energy-Star rated appliances after the old ones have died, solar-plus additions can help homeowners. These include smart thermostats and home improvement suggestions gathered from home energy audits.


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