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Nevada Solar Installers: What they Should Tell You and Why

Regardless of whether you ask, your Nevada solar installer should tell you what you need to know about solar at all stages of the buying cycle: From research and investigation of your own home’s solar viability to the electrical codes your supplier should know about, an installer is only as good as his or her knowledge when it comes to rooftop solar in the Silver State. 

5. Understand Nevada Solar Power Laws

One of the main concerns that many Nevadans have is whether solar is going to stick around for the long haul. The changes that NV Energy got permission to make in 2015 hurt a lot of people.

However, this shouldn’t deter prospects from solar. NV Energy wouldn’t have re-instituted the net metering rates again if they were uncertain about whether they’d keep them. Although many solar companies like to besmirch utility companies, Go Solar Group does not: We believe in good faith that NV energy was making a change in 2015 that they thought would have the most positive impact, and later found out that the policy had numerous unintended consequences which hurt consumers and homeowners.

In re-instituting fair net metering practices, NV Energy has saluted the solar industry in a way that indicates they are willing to work with Nevada solar installers over the long haul. First, they raised the monthly fee for staying connected to the grid. Then, Solar customers received less for the excess energy that they produced.

This became a major problem because these changes affected already existing solar customers. Because the government bait and switched the solar industry everyone suffered. Many solar companies had to pull out of the state and solar customers submitted to losses.

4. Know Specific Examples of Why You Don’t Need to Worry About Nevada Solar: Assembly Bill 405

Some Nevadans, particularly those in the bigger cities of Nevada such as Reno or Las Vegas, believe that there is a legitimate concern that the current solar changes made in 2017 aren’t permanent.  There is, however, a couple of factors that make the current law changes as promising as they are enduring for the future of Nevada’s rooftop solar market

  • The first factor is that AB 405 prohibits treating rooftop solar customers as a separate rate class. This means that your power company can’t charge you extra fees for being a solar customer.
  • The second of these factors is AB 405 section 24. This section of the bill guarantees that consumers have the right to self-generate their own electricity and own a large percentage of their own power. This bulwarks utility companies, NV Energy included, from controlling the technology for which you have already invested in and paid. 
  • The third is that AB 405 has produced state renewable energy goals. These goals allow current customers to get 95 percent of the retail rate for their excess energy. This has a 7 percent decrease for every 80 megawatts of rooftop solar that stops at 75 percent of the retail rate.

Given that this means the utility company can’t decrease what you are being paid for to the extent of 75 percent, you don’t want to worry about this rate decrease by investing in battery backup, which will allow you to store power off the grid for usage at a later time. 

3. Know It’s Not About Finding the Best Solar Company in Nevada: It’s About Finding the Best One for You

Going with larger solar companies can cost consumers more money than it would to go with smaller players in the market – a trend that defies most consumers’ understanding of other industries in which they buy products.

Usually it’s the other way around: Bigger companies can spend more on process optimization and marketing, after all. However, Fast Company reports based on data from a National Renewable Energy Laboratory study that purchasing from large installers costs consumers as much as 10% more – a hefty investment considering the investment of solar.

As a solar company that has proven it has the ability, know-how, and licensing to do some of the toughest installs in Reno, Nevada, you can trust that Go Solar Group will make a residential solar array for your Reno home as customized and tailored to meet your energy needs as possible, and for a lower price and higher quality product than many of its competitors in the industry. 

In essence, every Nevada solar company is going to tell you that they are the best out there, but Go Solar Group goes above and beyond to prove it.

2. Partake in the Broader Conversation: Go Solar Group’s Social and Humanitarian Efforts: Give Solar Africa

Go Solar Group believes solar is an equalizing force: We have wielded and marveled over its power and influence to provide economic empowerment to people of all creeds and stripes, via improved global health – educational opportunity – energy independence – safety, and security in the presence of catastrophe or even discomfort. Solar is the future, and we are spearheading the change. 

We are a full-service solar company that originated from a desire to help people in Africa. Founded in 2009, We currently fulfill that vision by providing micro loans funded by solar arrays sold in the US. 

Founded in 2009, the company initially provided solar power to orphanages in Africa, giving a 1:1 purchase opportunity to off-the-grid areas in Uganda and Zambia. After obtaining an electrical license in 2011, Go Solar Group became NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) Certified in 2013 to scale its efforts in the Utah and Reno, NV markets.

1. Employ Great Customer Service: The Crowning Achievement of a Supreme Nevada Solar Installer

Go Solar Group strives to give each of their customers with a premier experience every time. From start to finish, you will find that Go Solar is there to help you. If you need to re-shingle your roof or move your panels to a new home in the same state, you can count on Go Solar Group to be with you every step of the way. 


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