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Commercial solar makes sense for almost all Reno Nevada businesses, but it makes the most sense for businesses that own their building and have steady cash flow. Once you express interest, one of our expert solar consultants will verify an address and get a copy of your Reno business’s power bill. Once we have a copy of your power bill, we’ll call your power company and ask for your rate schedule. This is important as there are roughly 25 different rate schedules for solar-powered Nevada businesses.

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All solar installations can get up to 30% of their system covered by Federal Tax Credits. Nevada utility companies have both up-front and production-based incentives for commercial installations. One incentive that is only offered to businesses is the MACRS. This is a tax deduction that you are able to claim on depreciating items purchased for your business. Most use this deduction for company cars and computers. What is less known is that you can also use it to help minimize the cost of your Reno business’s solar installation.

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