Facts About Solar Energy: 10 Reasons it Will Save the World’s Workforce

Facts About Solar Energy
Facts about solar energy

Solar energy has provided jobs for the world’s workforce. Every era has a big boom, and the boom of coal is coming to an end. Solar panels are now positioned to take the spotlight, regardless of regulatory changes.

Coal power plants closing is just the beginning. It’s only a matter of time before renewable energy becomes the main source of energy for the world.

Here are 10 reasons why solar power will be the economic savior of the world’s workforce within the next two decades:

10. PV Solar Energy Creates More Jobs

The solar industry is surpassing fossil fuel jobs. More than twice as many Americans work in the solar industry than the entire coal industry.

Solar panel installation growth has surpassed coal for the first time, giving coal power a run for its money. The growth of renewable energy is predicted to close the gap by 2022.

9. Installation Sector Will be Affected By Solar Energy

The National Solar Jobs Census stated that 137,133 new jobs opened up in the United States Installation sector in 2016. The median wage for a solar installer in the US is $26 per hour.

Solar installations require individuals with education, raising the demand for education comparatively. Solar installer jobs require not electrical expertise mathematical and mechanical understanding.

8. The Manufacturing Sector Is Improved by Solar

Solar related manufacturing jobs in the United States increased by 26 percent in 2016. This percentage equates to 38,121 jobs. to ensure quality skilled workers are necessary for each step of the manufacturing process.

Manufacturing solar panels start out with obtaining and refining silicon. Silicon is then formed into an ingot or block which gets shaped into wafers. These wafers are then used to make the cells which together form a solar panel.

7. Sales And Distribution Sector Increase

Sales and distribution jobs in the solar industry came to a grand total of 32,147 in the United States by 2016. This is an increase of 32 percent.

These jobs range from door-to-door sales and call center positions to marketing and product deliverers. These different jobs require a wide range of skill sets.

On-the-job training is often provided for these types of jobs. In fact, 67% of solar jobs don’t even require a Bachelor’s degree.  Meaning workers can start earning money sooner.

This will decrease the unemployment gap in our nation. Provided unemployed workers seek and are hired for these open positions.

6. Project Development Sector Job Opportunities

Solar has a wide range of project development jobs. Within the mix, there are system designers, project managers and, master electricians. These positions call for a wide range of training and experience.

Project development jobs within the solar sector have increased by 53 percent. This is a total of 34,400 jobs nationwide in 2016.

5. New Opportunity for the Copper Industry

There is a causal link between solar and copper’s increase in demand. This means that those who choose to work in the copper industry have a sure future ahead of them.

Copper in the solar industry is often used in wiring. Some panels also use copper instead of silicon in the panel themselves. This use of copper in the production of solar panels is also a boon for those working in the copper industry.

Copper and Recycling

Copper, like most of the other metals used in solar panels, can be recycled. This means that although the mining of copper and other metals isn’t renewable, the metals themselves can be repurposed from the dross.

Recycled copper is not only good for the environment, but also for the economy. The Balance stated that copper recycling consumes 85 to 90 percent less energy than new production. The recycling of copper is even more lucrative than the mining and refining thereof.

Copper is a non-ferrous metal, which means it can be recycled an infinite number of times. The recyclability of copper makes it a better option for many electronics.

4. Solar Technology Is Improving  

With time, solar technology has changed quite a bit. The rise in competition has driven down solar prices and improved technology.

The 2017 Fraunhofer ISE Photovoltaics Report shows that panel efficiency is increasing. As time goes on, competition within will continue to drive motivated individuals. Better-engineered products that enhance the sun’s potential will continue to emerge.

3. Power To Areas That Don’t Have Access To Electricity

The growth of technology has made us reliant on electricity. There are, however, some areas were it is impossible or expensive to provide power form a utility. Using the energy from the sun allows you to have power no matter how of the grid your home is.  

Many homes that don’t have access to the grid are still able to access electricity because of solar.  Your off-grid home can now power your entire home with the help of a battery backup system. Solar allows you to have an oasis from society without having to sacrifice.

Solar-powered battery backup has also been a lifesaver for many camping fanatics. Going on an extended camping trip without being able to charge your phone used to be the reality of life. Now, however, having a charged phone is a gnawing necessity.

Many would turn their phones off so they could still use them in an emergency. Now people can use the sun to charge their phones and other electronic devices. Solar can increase a lost adventurer’s chances of rescued (and update his or her social media feed).

2. More Electricity For The Masses

When you produce electricity in a big power plant, it needs to travel to homes and businesses. Utilities power communities through the electrical grid. The problem is that energy gets lost as it is being transmitted from one location to the next.

Solar panels on your house, however, move current from the panel to your home. This reduces the amount of energy lost. Less electricity lost in the transmission means more power for the consumer.

1. Jobs And Electricity For The Underprivileged

Perhaps one of the most uplifting facts about solar energy in the year 2018 is that you can pay it forward. There are still people who have to rely on hours of sunlight to do their daily activities.

You, however, can do more than stand by and watch. Organizations such as One Heart One Mind help people to make a difference in their community. Go Solar Group supports this charity by funding micro-loans in Uganda.

These loans provide opportunities for female entrepreneurs, elementary schools, orphanages, and low-income families. Once the micro-loan gets paid off, it is then used again to fund another micro-loan.

These quality solar products are replacing kerosene lamps. Kerosene is not only toxic but for a family living off of less than a dollar a day, it is very expensive.  Since 2009 Go Solar Group has been making an impact.

Solar is not only going to help boost the economy, but it will save our planet. Be a force for good in the world and join solar in its mission to make energy clean and sustainable.


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