Steps to Surviving an NV Energy Power Outage or Natural Disaster

Emergency Preparedness
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How to Survive an NV Energy Outage

Having the basics on hand makes all the difference when electricity is no longer in the equation. Learn what essentials should be in your 72-hour kit and what role photovoltaics play in the equation.

Emergency Preparedness Basics: 72-Hour Kits  

When the power goes out, it is typically only for a couple of hours. There are instances, however, when outages can last much longer. Acquiring the essentials before an emergency will increase your Reno home’s preparedness level. 

How Much Water you Absolutely Need 

You will want to make sure that you have at least 1 gallon of water per person per day for three days. This water supply is for drinking and possibly sanitation.

Food in an Emergency  

Ensuring you have 3 days of non-perishable food for each person is also advisable. Canned food that doesn’t need heat is your safest bet, but dried meals are a more cost-effective option in terms of shelf life and viability. Having a manual can opener for your non-perishable food is also important.

First Aid Items

Although it may seem like common knowledge having a basic First Aid Kit on hand is a must have. You can easily get a good First Aid Kit at your local supermarket. 

Essential Electronics-powering Tools

If you are experiencing an outage there are some essential electronics that will make your life bearable. These include flashlights, battery banks, a hand crank radio and a cell phone with a charger. You will want to stock up on batteries; It doesn’t help to have a flashlight or phone if your batteries don’t work. 

How to use  Solar Backup in a Nevada Emergency

Having the basics will help you get by, but having solar backup is the ultimate preparedness tool. Although most think that all you need is a solar array they are powerless to the effects of outages. Like everyone else you too will be without power unless you have some sort of solar back up. This is because grid-tied solar shuts down in an outage as a safety measure.

The Convenience of Battery Backup

Having solar backup allows you to live in convenience instead of fear. Your fridge will keep its temperature four hours after an outage occurs. Battery backup, however, allows you to not worry about your food spoiling.
Another luxury that comes with solar backup is the ability to become a safe house. With backup, you will become the lodestar for friends and family in need. And that is a great way to make oneself valuable as a Nevada citizen. 

Battery Backup is a Must-Have

Although we think of power as a comfort in the modern age it has become life-sustaining for some. Not having oxygen due to a power outage should never be an issue.

If you are prepared with one of Go Solar Group’s solar backup options lives won’t hang in the balance during an outage. Go Solar Group provides a variety of choices so every home can be prepared


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