4 Reasons We All Need Battery Backup

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Optimize your residential battery backup with solar backup power

Since adding solar capabilities to homes has become increasingly affordable, more owners are attempting to give up the grid for good. Of course, the availability of sunlight varies from hour to hour, so many homes must still rely on the grid or a diesel generator for backup.

Fortunately, there is a greener option: backup batteries that store excess solar energy for use when sunlight is scarce. Below are just a few benefits of adding a backup battery to your residential solar system:

4. Optimize Your Solar Power Consumption

Solar panels often generate more electricity than homes can use at once. Some power companies let customers sell excess energy back to the grid; however, if this isn’t an option for you, much of your solar power could be going to waste. Installing backup batteries ensures that you always get the most out of your system by saving extra energy for later use.

Although solar power and battery backup are perceived to be complicated, the workload for the consumer is minimal, as is the understanding. For questions regarding how much you’ll have to do to maintain the system, watch the inverter video below.

3. Reduce Your Reliance on the Grid

Once the sun goes down, many solar users still depend on the grid. Unfortunately, power companies often raise their rates during the evenings when the most people are using electricity. Since backup batteries allow you to choose when to discharge energy, you can avoid such peak time charges for grid use.

2. Be Prepared for Potential Disasters

Having a power outage backup plan is important for all families. If you currently rely on the grid for backup, what happens if a natural disaster takes out the power lines? In emergency situations, solar backup power can be a lifesaver.

For example, if you depend on medical devices such as a CPAP machine, then CPAP battery backup is an absolute necessity. Solar storage batteries allow you to charge your phone, your laptop and even your electric car while the rest of your neighborhood remains eclipsed in darkness.

To see what solar can do for your home in the event of a potential disaster, visit our Utah solar installer page by clicking the button at the bottom of this post.

1. Leave a Smaller Carbon Footprint

Solar power is especially appealing because, unlike fossil fuels, solar energy generation doesn’t harm the environment. A solar backup battery can help you completely sever ties with a coal-powered grid.  

Your initial time investment in solar can help wildlife flourish and human health increase. On top of saving money, you’ll sleep better knowing that you’re having a minimal impact on our ecosystem.

Homeowners have plenty of options when it comes to choosing how to store solar energy for backup electricity. Tesla battery storage devices are particularly popular. If you’re a homeowner in Utah, Go Solar Group is the first solar company to deliver on the security of battery backup in every solar system.

Go Solar team can help you set up a solar panel system with residential battery backup so that you’ll never be in the dark even if the sun’s not shining.


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